Naked Egg Science Experiment

This cool science experiment will show your kids that, through osmosis and chemical reactions, you can strip an egg of its hard outer shell using vinegar! With a few things from your kitchen and a bit of patience you can create a translucent, rubbery egg! The Steps: 1. Carefully place an egg into a cup. […]

DIY Water Filter Experiment

This kid experiment shows you how to create a simple water filter and watch how large particles and dirt are slowly filtered out of water. The Experiment Steps: 1. Have an adult cut the bottom off a plastic water bottle and poke a hole in the lid. 2. Place a coffee filter into the water […]

4th of July Patriotic Parachute

This is such a fun project to do with the kids this Independence Day. Send their favorite toys up in the air for a high flying, parachuting, 4th of July celebration! The steps: 1. Cut about a 10″x 10″ square from a plastic grocery bag. 2. Tie individual pieces of string to each of the four corners. 3. […]

Kid Science: 5-Minute Ice Cream

Making ice cream is a delicious way to learn about science and the changing states of matter and chemical reactions. When salt is added to ice it causes it to melt, but also lowers the freezing temperature. This chemical reaction between salt and ice creates a very cold environment for the cream to start to […]

Kid Science: Propulsion

Need a fun science activity that teaches air pressure and propulsion that the kids will want to do over and over? This is it!   The steps: 1. Tie string to a hook or post. 2. Pull string taut. 3. Feed string through straw. 4. Blow up balloon. 5. Tape straw to balloon (without letting […]

Kid Science: Polymers

Polymers are groups of molecules that are connected to create a tangible object. Like plastic. The polymers in plastic are flexible, and actually move to form around a pencil poked through the bag to create a seal so that water doesn’t flow through. Try this experiment out to see polymers in action! The steps: 1. Pour water […]

Kid Science: Food-Coloring Carnations

Here’s a fun science experiment that shows kids how plants “drink” water—and you can even see how it travels through the petals! Water travels up the stem of the flower to the petals and eventually evaporates into the air. This is called transpiration – here’s how to see it in action! The steps: 1. Add […]

Kid Science: Egg Geodes

Creating colorful egg geodes teaches sedimentation and crystallization–and sparks a love for science and learning! The alum powder on the egg gives the alum particles in the water a place to attach themselves as they crystallize. The steps: 1. Start with clean, empty eggshell halves. Add glue and spread evenly with a paintbrush. 2. Coat […]

Kid Science: Colorful Crystals

A fun project to do with your kids to teach solubility, evaporation, solids vs. liquids as well as the science behind how crystals form! The steps: 1. Start by mixing 1/2 cup epsom salt with 1/2 cup hot water until completely dissolved (about a minute or so). 2. Add 10-15 drops of food coloring and […]

4 Ways to Organize with Cereal Boxes

Family organization is an on going process. Finding what works for you and your family can take time and sometimes money. Here are 4 great organization ideas that you can create using items you already have at home! 1. School Work Organizer You’ll need a cereal box, scissors, paper (roll paper works best), adhesive and […]

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