4 Easy Indoor Games & Activities

This time of year tends to mean lots of inside time. As parents and caregivers that means lots of entertaining ideas are needed! Here are 4 great ideas for a wide range of ages that will not only provide hours of fun, but are also easy to put together! 1. Car Track For this activity, […]

DIY Groundhog Day Felt Playset

Felt is a fun, inexpensive material to work and play with. This fun project uses only felt and scissors (googly eyes optional, but why would you not use googly eyes?!) to create a fun Groundhog Day playset. You can use leftover felt or purchase small pieces of felt at most craft stores for around $.30 […]

Valentine's Day Balloon Countdown

After the big holiday season and excitement is over, keep the kids going with an interactive countdown for Valentine’s Day. This balloon popping countdown is fun to make and to interact with. To make a Valentine’s Countdown you will need: 1 large cardboard box (or a spare piece of foam board like I used) Paint […]

DIY Cereal Box Paper Football Arena

Paper football is an easy, fun game passed along the generations. Take it a step farther with an arena for your paper football (if you aren’t sure how to make one you can see a tutorial here – make it smaller by cutting the paper in half twice)! To make, you’ll need: 1 empty cereal […]

DIY Game Day Team Color Pom Poms

Kids want to get involved with cheering for the home team on game day just as much as the adults do! Use this fun tutorial to make pom poms in your team’s colors so the kids can cheer right along side everyone else. You’ll just need some felt or fleece, scissors and string. Take a […]

DIY Cereal Box Piggy Banks

Coming into the new year is a great time to talk to kids about what it means and looks like to save money. Add a little fun to this life lesson with these easy to make piggy banks. Kids can create whatever their imagination can come up with using an empty recycled cereal box, construction […]

Flashlight Storytime

Flashlights have long been a favorite “toy” to kids. There’s just something about piercing the darkness with a light to see what’s all around you that is so fascinating! Take storytime up a notch by making flashlight filters to create a fun and unique flashlight story. All you need is a flashlight (or two), construction […]

Recycled Cereal Box Snowman

This recycled cereal box snowman is a great craft to do anytime with supplies you have laying around the house! Gather an empty cereal box and any fun supplies you could possibly use. ¬†Check the recycle bin, the garage and your leftover craft stash for all kinds of items! Start by covering the cereal box […]

Colorful Pasta Snowflake Ornaments

Kids love incorporating the holidays and seasons into their crafts and this project does just that! Make colorful snowflakes for ornaments or gift toppers for family and friends with just pasta, glue, paint and glitter! Start with pasta – we used the Fiori variety, but wagon wheels work well too! First, you’ll want to let […]

5 Scrabble Tile DIY Gifts

Scrabble letter tiles are great for kids learning how to spell and recognize words, and they’re great for crafting too! Here are 5 crafts kids can make with parent’s help for themselves or as grandparent diy gifts this holiday season. Ornament It’s simple and can be made anyway you want! Choose the letter tiles to […]

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