Kid Craft: Fall Lawn Wind Ornaments

You’ve seen lawn ornaments all over the place and fall is just the start! Why not get the kids’ imagination going and create your own fall lawn ornament? It’s easy, fun and everyone will have fun creating this fun fall lawn ornament! You’ll  need: fan (and some sort of stand if your fan can’t point […]

Easy Camping Kids' Crafts

Whether you’re camping in the woods or in your own backyard these simple, fun camp crafts are a great way to keep little ones engaged and busy while enjoying the great outdoors! The campfire pit isn’t a place for kids to play, but they can make their own to roast as many pretend marshmallows as […]

Edible Kix Cereal Art

Kids love to play with their food, so why not combine the creative fun of art and a favorite snack? You’ll need yogurt (or peanut butter), cereal, and dried or fresh fruit. First, place a large dollop of yogurt or peanut butter on a plate.  Then, spread evenly to create the work surface. If you […]

Paper Airplane

Paper airplanes are one of those timeless toys that never gets old. This version from All for the Boys is simple to fold but flies really well. Try making your own with different sizes and types of paper and see how it affects flight.

5-Minute Breakfast: Kix Cereal Breakfast Burrito

It’s that time of year when mornings are rushed, and getting a unique breakfast on the table (or in your hands and out the door) seems a lost cause. Here’s a fun, but quick, breakfast idea for your next busy morning – Cereal Breakfast Burritos! In less than 5 minutes you can have a quick, […]

Grandparent's Day Play Date Kit

Being a grandparent must be so much fun. You get to do all the fun things with your grandkids that you loved doing with their parents when they were young. As a parent, you get to see your kids form great relationships with their grandparents. While sending them off to grandma and grandpa’s house is […]

DIY Cardboard Skyscraper and Parking Garage

A lot of times bigger is better with kids so this BIG skyscraper project is sure to be lots of fun. All you need is some boxes, tape and whatever materials you’d like to use to decorate your masterpiece (we used foil and construction paper). Assemble your boxes as high as you can. Once you have […]

Recycled Juice Box Boats

Summer is nearing its end and school has already started or is right around the corner. Lunch boxes will soon be coming home each day ready to be cleaned out and prepped for the next. Don’t throw away those empty juice boxes! Use them to create a fleet of boats or have a boat race! […]

How to Organize Recycled Materials for Crafts

Have you ever seen a fun kid craft idea only to realize you have none of the items needed on hand? Keeping recycled materials organized and ready is a great way to save yourself some time and allows  your child’s imagination to run wild! Here are a few tips on how to organize craft materials […]

Airplane Movie Snack Tray

Snack trays make at home movies so much more fun. It’s just like being in a movie theater! Combine that with a fun DIY craft project and you have a full afternoon of activities! Start with an empty cereal box and cut a piece out of the side. Leave a bit of a lip for […]

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