Watermelon Sun Visor

Nothing says summer quite like watermelon! It’s beautiful color combination of pink and green has become an iconic symbol of warm weather and really, who doesn’t love watermelon on a hot day? Here’s another way that watermelon can cool you off… By keep the sun’s hot rays at bay! Shade your child’s face and help […]

Cardboard Tube Bald Eagle

Cardboard Tube Bald Eagle

With Memorial Day right around the corner, now is a great time to talk to kids about America’s national bird, the Bald Eagle. Shortly after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a committee was formed in order to choose the design for the national seal. However, all the committee members had different ideas, and […]

Mother's Day Photo Chain Magnet

Mother's Day Photo Chain Magnet

School photos. We all have them, lots of them. Seems inevitable that we end up with a surplus of photos, no matter how many relatives we mail them off to. The little wallet sized photos are perfect for craft projects, such as Christmas ornaments, greeting cards, and this cute photo chain for Mother’s Day! You […]

Cardboard Tube Chili Pepper Maracas

May 5th is Cinco de Mayo, a largely U.S. holiday that celebrates Mexican heritage. Lots of fun crafts and recipes have been developed to help teach children about this festive day. One great way to celebrate is by making music, such as the shaking of maracas. I’ll show you how to take common household items […]

Recycled CD Spring Lamb

Did you know that a lamb is also a sheep? The difference is their age. A lamb is a sheep that is less than a year old. There are also special terms for the gender of a sheep. A female sheep is called a “ewe” while a male sheep is called a “ram”. This adorable […]

10 Tips for Coloring Easter Eggs with Toddlers

Easter is a fun and colorful time for little ones to explore. Coloring Easter eggs is a tradition in many families, and a definite favorite among the younger set! Toddlers are still developing dexterity, so there are a few simple but important things to remember before you sit down with them to dye eggs. Following […]

Paper Plate Kite by @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

Paper Plate Kite

Temperatures are climbing upward and kids are finally¬†able to spend more time outdoors. Kite flying is perfect for outdoor play as it’s often quite breezy as the weather patterns are changing from season to season. But what about the younger set who really aren’t old enough to fly a kite of their own just yet? […]

Paper Plate Easter Characters by @amandaformaro

Paper Plate Easter Characters

Easter is a great holiday for families to gather together and do fun things with the kids to celebrate the coming of spring. There are several animals used to represent Easter, the most commonly known of course is the Easter Bunny, but chicks and sheep are also associated with this colorful time of year. Gather […]

Craft Stick Spring Birds by @amandaformaro

Craft Stick Spring Birds

Ah spring! As the flowers begin to bloom and the birds begin to sing, the muddy landscape soon turns into an explosion of color! To celebrate all these fabulous colors, make some pretty spring birds from feathers and craft sticks. Your kids will love making these pretty birds and can put on a puppet show […]

Mismatched Mitten Puppets

Mismatched Mitten DIY Puppets

As winter winds down you may find that you have several mismatched mittens hanging around. Instead of tossing them out, let’s create some super easy diy puppets to play with during those chilly or rainy days of spring. To make these fun puppets you will need: Mittens Yarn For the eyes: pom poms or buttons […]

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