Halloween Bubble Wrap Stamping by @amandaformaro KixCereal.com

Halloween Bubble Wrap Stamping

Pull out the construction paper as it’s time to create some fun works of art using paint and bubble wrap! It’s easy for your kids to create their own designs using basic shapes and then embellishing to their heart’s content. Here’s how to make ghosts and pumpkins, but there’s no limit. They can make a […]

Candy Corn Paper Sun Catcher

Candy Corn Paper Sun Catcher

Construction paper and colored tissue paper is what you’ll need to create this fun and pretty faux stained glass candy corn from CraftsbyAmanda.com. With autumn in full swing and Halloween quickly approaching, this easy craft is great for an afternoon of fall fun. So get the kids together and make several to adorn your windows!

Glowing Frankenstein Milk Jug @amandaformaro KixCereal.com

Glowing Frankenstein Milk Jug

It’s that time of year both kids and adults get equally excited about. What’s not to love? It’s the only time of year to wear favorite, creative costumes and knock on doors in hopes that a candy or other treats are dropped into a trick-or-treat bag. It’s also that time of year when it gets […]

Turn a Basketball Into an Eyeball! @amandaformaro

Parent Hack: Turn a Basketball Into an Eyeball!

Halloween is right around the corner and you’re probably still searching for some decorations for your front porch. Dig through the garage and find that old, worn out basketball and using the instructions over at Crafts by Amanda, turn it into this fun and spooky Upcycled Basketball Eyeball!

Hot Air Balloon Bottle - @amandaformaro KixCereal.com

Kid Science: Hot Air Balloon Bottle

Every year in New Mexico, the world’s premier balloon event takes place called the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. The event runs from October 5-13 and is considered the largest ballooning event on earth! Over 600 hot air balloons will take to the skies and cameras will be at the ready. In fact, this event is […]

Make Your Own Light Box for Kids @amandaformaro KixCereal.com

DIY Light Box for Kids

A light box is really easy to make. In fact, there are no crafting skills required. A light box can provide hours of fun and can even come in handy for adults on occasion! You will need a few supplies that you can pick up at any discount department store. To make your own light […]

Shadow Puppets in a Cereal Box Theater

Shadow Puppets in a Cereal Box Theater

Does this craft bring you back? Even if you never made a shadow puppet theater from a cereal box, you’ve definitely made shadow puppets on the wall with your hands. This cereal box theater allows your kids to put on a fun shadow puppet show in front of a live audience! Have them invite some […]

Fall Finger Puppet Characters

Fall Leaves Finger Puppets

Has the weather started to get a little chilly where you live? If so, the leaves will be turning colors soon and begin to fall from the trees. Now is a great time to have your kids make some fun fall leaf finger puppets from CraftsbyAmanda.com. If the leaves aren’t quite falling yet, she’ll show […]

Game Day Dip - KixCereal.com

Game Day Dip

It’s here! Football season, of course. Kids as young as five years old participate in organized football leagues and clubs all over the country, while their parents wildly cheer them on from the stands. Football is a time-honored tradition in the U.S. and many people make it a family affair. Kids and parents alike flock […]

Paper Friendship Fortune Cookies by Amanda Formaro

Paper Friendship Fortune Cookies

Kids love to pass notes and share fun sentiments with friends. Friendship pens and friendship bracelets are a great way to share a special bond, so how about combining the two with these friendship fortune cookies? They are easy to make, you can use any colors you like, and they are great for both boys […]

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