Pumpkin Kix Snack

Pumpkin Kix Snack

Add a little pumpkin spice kick to your regular Kix cereal for an autumn flair of fun! This sweet snack is easy to make, is done in 5 minutes, and even the kids can help make it. Great for just grabbing and eating, or for topping a tasty yogurt and apple parfait! You will need: […]

Fall Tree Window Clings - KixCereal.com

Fall Craft: Tree Window Clings

Fall is just about here, and with it comes the changing of the season’s gorgeous colors. Red, yellow, orange and green combine to create a beautiful sea of color in the trees above our heads. Kids are often fascinated by the magical change that takes place, so why not celebrate fall in all its glory […]

Cereal Snack Mix - KixCereal.com

KiX Cereal Snack Mix

Finger foods are great for travel, the playground, or even just hanging out at home. They’re also super for your kid’s sports activities since you can make them for a quick and easy on-the-go snack. Making your own snack mix means that you decide what goes into it, giving you the control over what your […]

Make Colorful Rainbow Jellyfish from CraftsbyAmanda.com

Make Colorful Rainbow Jellyfish

Did you hit the beach this summer during your family vacation? Chances are you collected seashells, saw an occasional crab scurry across the sand, and maybe, just maybe, you spotted a jellyfish or two! Head over to Crafts by Amanda to get the instructions to make your own adorable jellyfish craft. They’re all decked out in […]

How to make a Kix Kaleidoscope - KixCereal.com

KiX Kaleidoscope

This classic boredom buster was a favorite from just about everyone’s childhood. Staring into the myriad of changing colors was always fun and a great way to spend a rainy afternoon! Why not make it an afternoon of crafting fun with your school aged kids? Little ones will love the final result, but the construction […]

Oatmeal Container Drum @amandaformaro KixCereal.com

Oatmeal Container Drum

I know what you’re thinking… “I remember making one of those when I was a kid!” Well, guess what? Your mom, and maybe even your grandmother remember making one too, in one form or another. This classic and nostalgic craft will be popular with your kids too! Children love to make music and create sounds. […]

A Rainbow of Explosions

  Using three very common household ingredients, things you most likely have in your pantry, you can create an explosion of rainbow colors that will wow the kids! The best part about this little kitchen science experiment is that children can be involved from beginning to end, all you need to do is show them […]

Magical Color Transfer by Amanda Formaro for KixCereal.com

Magical Color Transfer

Have you ever wondered how plants are able to feed themselves from the ground upward? It’s called “capillary action”, which means the movement of water within a porous material, like a plant’s roots, or in our case, a paper towel! This fun science project is great for teaching kids about how plants feed, and it’s […]

Duck Tape Recycled Robot by Amanda Formaro for KixCereal.com

Duck Tape Recycled Robot

Instead of tossing your empty cereal box in the recycle bin, save it to make this fun robot kid craft! Just think of all the recycled items in your kitchen that you could use to build your own creation. Vegetable cans and soda cans are great for legs and a head, while paper towel tubes […]

Glow in the Dark Bowling by Amanda Formaro for KixCereal.com

Glow in the Dark Bowling

Glow sticks are the secret behind this nighttime game that the kids will love! It’s perfect for summertime fun and great for a family camping trip. However, you don’t have to reserve this fun glowing game for summer, it’s great for indoor fun as well. Are you hosting a slumber party or having a few […]

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