Recycled Cardboard Castle Craft

Recycled Cardboard Castle Craft

Here’s a winning craft idea: have fun making a cardboard castle craft, creating a play set for future pretend adventures. Raid your recycling bin for cardboard tubes and a box, and craft your own cute recycled cardboard castle. Use your castle for all sorts of open-ended imaginative play, which will provide hours of fun and […]

DIY Solar Constellation Jar

Kids Craft: Solar Light Constellation Jar

Capture the power of the sun to create the night sky with our simple craft, a cute solar light Constellation Jar. You can recreate your favorite star charts, or create completely new constellations with this simple dollar store craft. We found all our supplies at the local dollar store, but you can shop your recycling […]

How to make rainbow bubble snakes

Outdoor Activity: Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Everyone loves bubbles! Here’s a unique way to create long strands of bubbles using recycled materials and ingredients from your kitchen. These rainbow bubble snakes are simple to make, but a bit messy, so take them outside for some sloppy fun! What you need to make rainbow bubble snakes: A recycled water bottle A sock […]

Easy Face Paint Recipe

DIY Face Paint Recipe

Add color to your life with this quick and easy face paint recipe. Face paint is great for parties, summer barbecues, and other events, but it’s also a lot of fun any old time. You don’t need a reason! Kids will be entertained for hours by painting each others’ faces. Our face paint recipe is […]

DIY Backyard Mini Golf

Outdoor Fun: Backyard Mini Golf Course

How many golfers does it take to have fun in the backyard? FORE! But seriously, it’s easy gather up some recycled materials and things you find in your garage and create a one-of-a-kind miniature golf course in your own backyard! We raided our recycling bin to find materials that made perfect additions to our DIY […]

Berry painting -- with frozen blueberries

Play With Your Food: Berry Paintings

Looking for a way to inject some fun into snack time? Get artistic with your food, and create some fun berry paintings. It’s all right to play with your food in this sweet summer activity! Berry painting is a great activity for children who are old enough to eat berries — I love to use […]

DIY Adorable cardboard playhouse

Make an Adorable Cardboard Playhouse

There’s nothing more fun for kids to play with than a cardboard box, except maybe a really cute cardboard box! Need a fun activity to fill a summer afternoon? Make an adorable cardboard playhouse out of a large box and some dollar store supplies. Inspired by a sweet trio of cute cardboard houses at A […]

Homemade Cloud Dough Recipe

Make Homemade Colored Cloud Dough

Who’s ready for some entertaining messy summer activities? Have hands-on fun with this simple recipe for homemade colored “cloud dough”: a soft, moldable powdery dough that provides tons of tactile fun for kiddos. What You Need To Make Colored Cloud Dough:   A plastic bin 8 cups of flour 1 cup of baby oil Non-toxic […]

Father's Day Craft: Dad & Kid Handprint Fish

Fish Handprint Father's Day Craft

Handprints are precious reminders of how small our kids are — and how fast they grow! Capture a kid handprint (and compare it to Dad’s) in this cute Father’s Day craft: fish handprints reminiscent of Clownfish (just like in Finding Nemo.) To create a cute underwater scene, collage brightly colored paper and craft foam sheets […]

4 cereal box craft kits - great way to organize activities for summer

4 Cereal Box Craft Kits for Summer Crafts Organization

Craft kits are a great way to entertain kiddos during the long days of summer. Here are four fun themed craft kits that contain great summer crafts and activities; decorated cereal boxes provide a portable container that helps organize craft supplies. Keep kids interested in their craft supplies by dividing them into kits, then rotate […]

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