Watermelon pizza snack activity

Food Art: Watermelon Pizza

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s… a watermelon? Here’s a fun and simple snack idea that everyone will love: a build-your-own watermelon pizza! Of course, it only looks like pizza! This cute snack is really made of fruit and Kix cereal. And the best part? Everyone gets to customize […]

Glowstick lantern

DIY Lantern Ideas

In need of some light? Here are two fun ideas for making your own lanterns, using common household items (and a glow stick, which can be found at the dollar store). They’re perfect for camping trips with kids! 1. Glow Stick Water Bottle Lantern This simple lantern can be made in just seconds, and will […]

4 Teacher Gift Ideas to Make

4 Teacher Appreciation Crafts to Make

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! It’s easy to let your teachers know how much you value what they do; just make one of our clever teacher’s gift ideas. We used recycled materials and items purchased at the dollar store to make these simple, yet clever, gifts. 1. School Supply-Themed Teacher Gift: Pencil Vase Use […]

Star Wars Craft: Pool noodle light sabers

Star Wars Day Craft: Pool Noodle Lightsaber

Are you ready for Star Wars Day? It’s coming up on May the 4th (as in “May the 4th be with you!), so we’re getting ready to celebrate a galaxy far, far away with this quick and easy dollar store Star Wars-themed craft: pool noodle lightsabers! Read on to find out how easy it is […]

Making a maypole

Make a Miniature Maypole Craft

Celebrate spring and the first day of May with a miniature version of a traditional May Day craft: a maypole! We used recycled paper towel rolls to make a tabletop version of a maypole. Use this maypole as a table centerpiece or as a party decoration. We used artificial flowers in our maypole craft, but […]

6 kid-friendly earth day crafts made from recycled materials

6 Earth Day Crafts From Recycled Materials

On April 22nd, people around the world will celebrate Earth Day to raise awareness of conservation and support for environmental protection. This year, why not create some earth-friendly crafts in honor of Earth Day? You already have a plentiful and renewable source for craft supplies, and it’s right in your home: your recycling bin! Raid […]

Socktopus craft - use a recycled sock to create a cute octopus

Kids Craft: Sock + Octopus = Socktopus!

What do you do when your sock loses its match? Get crafty, of course! Use your lone socks to create a fun octopus craft that makes a great decoration for your playroom. These are so much fun and easy that you’ll want to make lots. If you need more socks, you can find inexpensive colorful […]

Recycled Craft: Make a Rainstick

A rainstick is a long tube-like instrument that makes a sound like rain falling when it is turned over and over. It’s easy to make a kid-friendly rainstick out of a recycled paper towel roll and some items from your kitchen and craft room. What you need to make a paper towel roll rainstick: A […]

Recycled craft: April Showers bring May Flowers Clothespin Wreath

Recycled Craft: April Showers Bring May Flowers Clothespin Wreath

What’s the best part of April Showers? All that rain helps the May Flowers grow! Here’s a fun rain and flower-inspired craft to make: an April Showers May Flowers clothespin wreath. Have fun arranging and rearranging this clever wreath, which is made of mostly of recycled materials. We recycled a cereal box and cardboard egg […]

DIY Bee Condo craft - help kids save honeybees

Bee Kind to Bees: Make a Bee Condo

Have you heard the buzz about declining bee populations? In the past 20 years, beekeepers have observed the sudden and unexplained decline of honeybee populations, which is a problem because bees are responsible for pollinating a third of the foods we eat! The good news is even kids can do things that will help encourage […]

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