Plastic Cup Diorama Ornaments

The beauty of these diorama ornaments is in choosing what to capture inside the dome. Your kids can create any scene they like with any light-weight items, as long as it fits beneath the plastic cup. They can also craft their own figures, or, use miniatures. Cotton balls, pom poms, pipe cleaners, and doll house […]

Kix Treat Snowman Family

Kix treats take on a whole new personality, or, rather, new personalities, when they become a family of snowmen. Simply roll the treats into balls, stack, sprinkle with powdered sugar and decorate however you like. This can be a fun and easy holiday food craft to make with your kids for a holiday party treat. […]

DIY Seasonal Scenic Dishes

Given how easy it is to turn inexpensive, plain dishes into fun decor, I’m going to make some for every holiday. Display these festive dishes throughout the season, letting kids create their own fun scenes. Sure, the carrot nose is obvious, but maybe the snowman needs a sweet pea mustache and pasta hair? Or perhaps […]

Crystal-Coated Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

Science doubles as fun with this winter craft for the older kids. Create fun shapes with pipe cleaners and magically coat them with crystals. The chemical reaction is much the same as turning sugar into rock candy. Both require a simple set-up and a little patience for eye-catching results. Borax is made of soft crystals […]

Reindeer Feed Snack for Kids

Tuck this reindeer feed kid snack in the lunchbox, hand out at holiday parties, or give as a cute DIY gift. They’re really easy for kids to help make and they’ll get a kick out of eating the same nibbles as Rudolph and the gang.   To make these, mix up some snacks to satisfy […]

White Chocolate Cherry Kix Clusters

A word of caution: You may not be able to stop munching on these white chocolate cherry Kix clusters. While this easy recipe makes these ideal for kids to make and give as holiday gifts, you might not have anything but crumbs to offer. They are just that delicious. This recipe is very forgiving. Instead […]

3 Thanksgiving Leftovers Lunch Ideas

One of the best things about a Thanksgiving meal is the leftovers. But you needn’t stick with just microwaving a repeat plate from the day before. A box of stackable circles, their favorites in a hand pie, delicious potato coins they are sure to gobble up, sushi that’s not quite sushi… All the flavors of […]

Teeny, Tiny, Sweet Kids' Birthday Treats

It’s a given that miniature versions of big things smack of cute. You’d think that crafting in miniature would be somehow easier, but that isn’t always so. It takes much thought and attention to detail to create something tiny. These decadent treats, crafted with care, would make a wonderful, yearly birthday tradition. Each of these […]

Thanksgiving Corn Kix Snack Packs

Seeking Thanksgiving day crafts to keep the kids busy? Easily turn brown paper lunch bags into Kix-filled, corn-shaped snacks. These festive favors double as snack packs while waiting for dinner to be served. All you need is paper bags, paint, pencils, scissors and tape. Oh yes, and Kix, of course. To make Thanksgiving Kix snack […]

Kix Cereal Box Miniature Golf

Raining outside? Or snowing? Are you dreaming of summer and miniature golf? Well, bring some outside love inside with your box of Kix. You can get as creative as you like with this cereal box miniature golf. Find objects around the house, or in the toy bin, that might work as different obstacles. And, if […]

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