Surprise-Inside Kix Corn Muffins

What will your bite into these yummy corn muffins bring? A roasted tomato? Or maybe a hot dog, or gooey cheese. Better yet, a broccoli tree? Hide your kids’ favorites in these Kix corn muffins and let them guess what’s inside.     To make Surprise-Inside Kix Corn Muffins, you will need: 1 to 1 […]

Easy DIY Chalkboard Placemats

In a kid’s mind dinner is so boooring. These quick and easy chalkboard placemats help draw kids to the table, without their electronic devices. Use them under the dishes for dinnertime doodles, or, use them as learning tools, on your party table or just for anytime art. How to make chalkboard placemats.  You will need:* […]

Monster Cereal Pops

These chocolate monster pops fittingly rely on the spooky Monster cereals (Franken Berry, Boo Berry, Fruity Yummy Mummy, Count Chocula and/or Fruit Brute) haunting supermarkets this time of year. They are easy enough for even the youngest of hands to help make and just cute enough to shake the creeps. Choose just one monster cereal, or […]

Veggie Monsters

This Halloween, scare your kids into smart snacking by turning vegetables into monsters. You can use any combination of vegetables, both raw and cooked, that you can imagine. Vegetables have such variety in color and shape–not to mention their peculiar, misshapen beauty–that their haphazard mixings will produce the best monsters. And if the kids munch […]

Trick this Treat: Cereal Box Haunted House

There’s something eerie about this chocolatey house… almost like someone is watching. Always watching. No matter where you try and hide, these eyes are always watching. All you need to create a spooky scene for your Halloween table are some monster cereals and a few supermarket and craft store supplies. Don’t you wonder who lurks […]

Kix and Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix

October is here and that means it’s about that time to hit the pumpkin patch! The best side effect of all the pumpkin carving you’ll be doing are roasting delicious pumpkin seeds. Better yet, roast them up and mix in some Kix and dried fruit, and you have a tasty, crunchy, pumpkin snack to last […]

Play with Your Food: 4 Fun Waffle Games

Sometimes it actually is okay to play with your food. Turning waffles into board games, and blueberries and Kix cereal into playing pieces, certainly makes waking up much more fun. And the math and logic skills hidden in these games are an extra bonus.   How to play waffle games:   You will need: Waffles* […]

Corny Maple Pancake Pops

Pancake pops are a yummy, complete breakfast that kids (and grown-ups) can hold in their hand. Crushed Kix adds just the right flavor and texture, and maple syrup adds just the right sweetness. The lollipop sticks are optional, but not in my world. Sticks make food way more fun, so when in doubt, add a […]

Mac n' Cheese Cups with Crunchy Kix Topping

Mac n’ cheese, undoubtedly, tops my desert island foods list. Classic, comforting, and delicious, it’s no wonder kids everywhere carry on the mac n’ cheese legacy by claiming it as their favorite meal. So what could possibly make mac n’ cheese even more kid-friendly? Turn it into cupcakes. Better yet, add a crunchy topping to […]

Kix in Space! UFO Sandwich

PB & J on white bread, maybe the crusts are cut off. Snooze! PB & J spaceship filled with aliens and hurtling through space? Muuuuuch better. And you needn’t stick with peanut butter and jelly to make this fun sandwich.  Ham and cheese, avocado and tomato, egg salad, pickles and beets? The beauty of this […]

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