pineapple flowers for 4th of July

Dried Pineapple Flowers for the 4th of July

These colorful dried pineapple flowers are a perfect addition to your 4th of July party. They are fun, gorgeous and easier than you think to make. You can use them as cake or cupcake toppers, to garnish drinks, to decorate your food table or even as edible leis (see below for instructions). I’ve been eager […]

Homemade Cloud Dough Recipe

Make Homemade Colored Cloud Dough

Who’s ready for some entertaining messy summer activities? Have hands-on fun with this simple recipe for homemade colored “cloud dough”: a soft, moldable powdery dough that provides tons of tactile fun for kiddos. What You Need To Make Colored Cloud Dough:   A plastic bin 8 cups of flour 1 cup of baby oil Non-toxic […]

Make a Memorial Day Lantern

Decorate for the Memorial Day holiday with this red-white-and-blue printable. It’s super easy: Just cut out the flag, roll it into a cylinder, and hang!   Click here to download the PDF then print up and make as many as you like!  

Paper Plate Hamburger

Grilling season is here and it’s time for picnics and barbecues by the dozen! Here’s a fun project to celebrate summertime that the kids will love. They can make up their own special condiments too, the sky is the limit! This makes a great homemade decoration for Memorial Day too! You will need: Paper plate […]

Watermelon Sun Visor

Nothing says summer quite like watermelon! It’s beautiful color combination of pink and green has become an iconic symbol of warm weather and really, who doesn’t love watermelon on a hot day? Here’s another way that watermelon can cool you off… By keep the sun’s hot rays at bay! Shade your child’s face and help […]

"Campfire" Gorp in a Cereal Box Snackpack

Whether it’s a walk down a city sidewalk or a hike in the woods, now is the time to get outside and get moving. Keep your energy up for those long treks with this cereal box-turned-snack box filled with “campfire” gorp. Loop the snack pack around your belt buckle, wrist, or attach to your backpack. […]

Watermelon pizza snack activity

Food Art: Watermelon Pizza

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s… a watermelon? Here’s a fun and simple snack idea that everyone will love: a build-your-own watermelon pizza! Of course, it only looks like pizza! This cute snack is really made of fruit and Kix cereal. And the best part? Everyone gets to customize […]

Cardboard Tube Bald Eagle

Cardboard Tube Bald Eagle

With Memorial Day right around the corner, now is a great time to talk to kids about America’s national bird, the Bald Eagle. Shortly after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a committee was formed in order to choose the design for the national seal. However, all the committee members had different ideas, and […]

Pull-Apart Graham Cracker Flag for Memorial Day

Memorial Day, a federal holiday here in the United States to honor the brave men and women who have died while serving in the Armed Forces, is a chance to celebrate our country. On this unofficial start to summer, many come together and gather over grills and picnic blankets on this day of remembrance. Here […]

Food Art: A Sweet Piglet Watermelon Snack

This sweet little piglet is a fun and yummy snack that your kids can help you make in the kitchen.  This yummy snack uses fresh and delicious watermelon, which is coming into season right now.  If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll gobble this snack up faster than little piggies!   What You’ll Need Ingredients: 2 […]