Cereal Box Doctor's Kit

Cereal Box Doctor's Kit

Pretend play is a healthy and important part of your child’s development. Activities like this felt board are great for quiet play, while these mitten puppets are fun for interacting with others. A doctor’s kit actually covers both! Your child can play independently with a doll or teddy bear, or with a friend or parent […]

Fall Leaf Bow Tie & Hair Bow

Fall Leaf Bow Tie & Hair Bow

Fall is here and with it comes the changing of the leaves. Fall colors are so beautiful, it makes you want to hang on to the season as long as you can! I’ll show you how to hang on to those colors with these sweet wearable hair bows and bow ties! Girls will love to […]

Football Shaker Noise Makers

Football Shaker Noise Makers

With fall comes football! Kids all over the country will be donning pads and helmets and playing the great American sport we’ve come to love so much. Parents and siblings of football kids love to cheer on their team, and noise makers have become a big part of that yearly tradition. Over the years we’ve […]

Coffee Filter Sunflower Craft by Amanda Formaro for Kix Cereal

Coffee Filter Sunflowers

I live in the country, so I’m seeing a lot of sunflowers right about now. I love how they tower over everything and stand so majestically! Kids have been making sunflower crafts for many years, and the coffee filter sunflower has been done in several different ways. I’ve seen the filters colored with crayons, and […]

Puffy Tissue Paper Apple by Amanda Formaro for Kix Cereal

Puffy Tissue Paper Apple Craft

Many of you will remember making puffy tissue paper crafts when you were a child. They are fun and can be adjusted for younger ones too. If your child has trouble with the “pencil method,” they can skip the pencil and just wad up the tissue paper in their fingers. With fall and back to […]

Paper Plate Alphabet Matching Game by Amanda Formaro

Paper Plate Alphabet Matching Game

This homemade matching game is fun for toddlers and preschoolers, and serves a few different purposes. It helps with memory, letter recognition and color recognition. If writing out the letters by hand sounds daunting, simply hop into a program like Word and type out the letters and print them to use as templates. I used […]

Pencil Bookmarks by Amanda Formaro for Kix Cereal

Pencil Bookmarks

It’s almost time for the kids to head back to school, and that means lots of reading! They’ll definitely need some bookmarks, and since these ones clip on, they are not as easily lost. The elementary set will really enjoy making these and it will put their cutting and trimming skills to the test! If […]

Tissue Box School Bus and Cereal Box School by Amanda Formaro for Kix Cereal

Tissue Box School Bus and Cereal Box School

It’s that time again. Time for kids to head back to the classroom after a long summer break. This is a fun recycling project the kids can do at home with previous years leftover school pictures, or it makes a wonderful classroom project too! If you’re a teacher, when the classroom picture arrives use the […]

Clothespin Shark by Amanda Formaro

Clothespin Sharks

Do your kids love sharks and all things oceanic? Whether it’s Shark Week or just a regular Tuesday, this fun clothespin shark is silly and cute, and not too scary. Your kids will have fun pretending to chase the little fish and catch him in their shark’s mouth! You will need: Wooden clothespin Light blue […]

Plastic Medicine Cup Jellyfish by Amanda Formaro

Plastic Medicine Cup Jellyfish

How can you turn something not-so-fun into something completely fun? You’ve seen those scrunched up faces and tight lips when you fill that cold-medicine cup and head toward your child. When they are feeling better and the medicine bottle is empty, turn that not-so-fun cup into these adorable jellyfish the kids will love! These colorful […]

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