Kix Cereal

Soleil Moon Frye with her three children


Author, actress, director, screenwriter and momtrepreneur Soleil Moon Frye is passionate about inspiring kids’ creativity through hands-on activities and crafting to help create special moments and memories for the whole family. Host of OWN Network’s DIY series “Home Made Simple,” Soleil has turned her passion for creativity into an amazing online experience – MoonFrye – where she shares her messy moments of parenting. Soleil Moon Frye with her children 
Just like the KiX™ brand, Soleil is a champion for kid creation and supports the parenting journey by providing ideas for families to explore, create and play together. Her expertise, enthusiasm and commitment to this cause made her the perfect fit as a partner to help launch KiX Adventures, an extension of KiX’s most recent programs dedicated to helping kids build the future through creative curiosity and inventive activities. For this project, she penned three original stories inspired by the characters on KiX’s new boxes. As the author of two books, one of which focuses on DIY celebrations for parents and their kids, and a frequent contributor to the TODAY show, writing children’s stories was a natural fit for the mom of three. Explore Adventures! Kix Cereal box pop out characters featured in 3 individual circles. "Soleil's stories are a part of Kix Adventures - online storybooks that bring the new Kix boxes to life." Soleil’s stories feature the three main Kix box characters on their own fun adventures. “As a longtime fan of storytelling, I was so excited to get started on this project with KiX and couldn’t wait to dive into writing my own stories,” says Soleil. “Once I saw the new packaging and activities, it was easy to create stories for Rocky the Monkey, Fletcher the Raccoon and Mazy the Octopus. I was inspired by my own kids, with my girls actually helping me come up with ideas for the stories, and the kind of moments I’d like to have with them when reading the stories, and hope that other families will be able to create the same types of memories in their homes.”

Quote by Soleil Moon Frye "I was inspired by my own kids, with my girls actually helping me come up with ideas for the stories"


The KiX’s new packaging is unique to anything you will find in the cereal aisle today. Each box – Kix™ original and Berry Berry Kix™- include cute illustrations from jungles to oceans. In addition to the new designs, the packaging itself is a toy to help inspire creativity. Building pieces punch out so kids can use them to assemble shapes and characters. Each box features a different character that kids can build and bring to life while reading the online storybooks. Each story brings kids on an adventure that inspires learning, imagination and play. We invite you to explore these new stories with your family – and see where your imagination takes you!