Kid Science: 5-Minute Ice Cream

Making ice cream is a delicious way to learn about science and the changing states of matter and chemical reactions. When salt is added to ice it causes it to melt, but also lowers the freezing temperature. This chemical reaction between salt and ice creates a very cold environment for the cream to start to […]

Kix Food Art Bear Ice Cream 1

Food Art: Bear Ice Cream Cones

There is no better Summer snack than a cool and refreshing ice cream cone.  What could be better?!  How about a cool and refreshing and CUTE bear ice cream cone?!  This Summer snack is not only delicious, but it will have your kids giggling with every lick.  It is so incredibly easy to make, you just may find yourself enjoying these all Summer […]

Kix cookie butter pops

Cookie Butter Kix Pops Kids Can Make Themselves

The beauty of these easy-to-make, nut-free, no-bake treats is that kids can make them with little or no help. While the lollipop sticks aren’t necessary, they sure do make these much more fun to eat. If you like, sneak some banana slices in these treats, too!   You may substitute any nut butter for the […]

pineapple flowers for 4th of July

Dried Pineapple Flowers for the 4th of July

These colorful dried pineapple flowers are a perfect addition to your 4th of July party. They are fun, gorgeous and easier than you think to make. You can use them as cake or cupcake toppers, to garnish drinks, to decorate your food table or even as edible leis (see below for instructions). I’ve been eager […]

Kix Food Art Under The Sea 1

Food Art: Under The Sea Snack

This yummy fruity under the sea snack will have your kids begging for seconds.  Jammed packed with their favorite fruits and veggies, not to mention their favorite cereal, this is one delicious snack that will bring a huge smile to your kid’s faces.   What You’ll Need   Ingredients: 1 celery stalk with ends sliced off […]

Kix Food Art American Flag 1

Food Art: The American Flag

Independence Day is right around the corner and this American flag snack is a perfect way to help your kids celebrate this holiday.  With just 2 ingredients, you won’t believe how easy it is to make –  your kids will even love helping you make it!   What You’ll Need Ingredients: 1 large slice of […]

Food Art: Sandwiches For Dad

I’m always making cute foods for my kids and they absolutely love it. When the kids wanted to do something fun for their dad for Father’s Day, I figured we could make some cute food for him too! Your kids can make their Dad a personalized sandwich that looks just like him, and Dad will […]

Father's Day Snack Mix

Being a Dad is hungry work, isn’t it? Mix it up this year with a fun Father’s Day Ties n’ Mustaches food gift. Present the snack mix to Dad in a little paint can favor box along with his favorite beverage. Or just in a big bowl, which I’m sure will please him just the […]

Observation Skills: Red, Yellow and You!

It’s a basic science concept, and one that even the youngest kids can understand: Red, yellow and blue combine to create orange, green and purple. Explore colors with your little ones in these three awesome projects. Magical Color Transfer   Rainbow Breakfast Bento Box from our friends at    Painting with Ice Cubes

kix veggie bugs

Super Simple Veggie Bugs

Critters, bugs, creepy crawlers, whatever you call them, kids seem to love them. June 17th is Eat Your Veggies Day. Why not use bugs to woo kids into smart snacking? With a few veggies, some Kix cereal, and a black food pen (available at the craft store), simply arrange veggies a little differently and you […]

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