April Fools' Day Food Tricks to Play on Your Kids

Who better to play April Fools’ Day tricks on than your kid? Watch as they fill their cereal bowl with milk that’s not quite right, and giggle as they bite into lunch that’s a bit too sweet. As long as they can pour their own milk they can be fooled by this cereal turning… blue. […]

Cottontail Kix Easter Snack

Oh no! It looks like lots and lots of bunnies lost their tails. This white cheddar Kix Easter snack is crunchy, bold, and super easy to mix up in mere minutes. Serve at a party or Easter brunch with tailless bunnies perched on the edge of the cup. I’m sure at least one of the […]

Honey Kix Mango-Carrot Smoothies

Here’s a delicious way to get kids to try out new flavors (and sneak in some veggies) in a spring-y, sippable smoothie snack! To make Honey Kix Mango-Carrot Smoothies you will need: 1 1/2 cups frozen mango chunks (from 16-oz. bag) 3/4 cup carrot juice 1/2 cup Mountain High® Original plain yoghurt (from 32-oz. container) […]

Food Art: Bumblebee Spring Snack

The first day of spring is upon us and with that comes beautiful flowers, fresh air and new life.  It also means bugs.  Kids seem to love crawling critters and I’m pretty sure they’re going to love this fruity snack made with their favorite cereals.   What You’ll Need Ingredients: 1 yellow plum A handful of black grapes 2 […]

Food Art: A Fruity Butterfly Snack

This fruity butterfly snack is sure to delight even the pickiest of little eaters.  With only a handful of ingredients, this snack can be made in just minutes and kids will love helping in the kitchen!   What You’ll Need Ingredients: 2 slices of naval orange A handful of green grapes 1 baby carrot 2 […]

Food Art: Banana Cream "Pi" Day Treat

Help celebrate Pi day on March 14th with this easy and yummy treat.  What better way to celebrate Pi day than by eating pie?!  Math-lovers alike with delight in this delicious no-bake pie that is so simple to make.   What You’ll Need Ingredients: 1 whole banana, peeled 1 cup of banana pudding 1/2 cup […]

Food Art: Daylight Savings

The clocks are springing ahead in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, March 9th.  We may be losing an hour of sleep, but it means that we are one step closer to Spring!  Have your kids join in on the fun by preparing them a daylight savings time breakfast full of their favorite […]

Kix Science: Kid-Created Colors

There’s an art to science—and a surprising amount of science in art! Here’s a fun way to learn about how colors mix to create new hues, and your chance to create new colors with your kids!

Hooray! - The Perfect Pie to Celebrate Pi Day

Yup, for those of you not in-the-know, this is a real thing.  Celebrated March 14th, Pi Day is often marked by pie baking, pie eating contests, discussing the merits of the number π, and so forth.  Which brings me to my story… Recently, my husband told me about a three-in-one pie he had heard about, made […]

"Pot of Gold" Marshmallow Pops

If you don’t find a real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow this year, perhaps these marshmallow pops can be a close second. Chocolate and marshmallows are made even better by the crunch of Kix “gold” at top. To make pot of gold marshmallow pops: You will need:* Marshmallows Kitchen scissors Lollipop […]

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