pancake cones

Pancake Cones

Now here’s a fun way to make pancakes portable and fit to enjoy any time of the day: Turn them into cones. Fill your pancake cones with any of the kids’ favorites, either sweet or savory, such as fruit, yogurt, Kix, whipped cream, even ham and cheese. To make pancake cones You will need: Parchment […]

Kix cookie butter pops

Cookie Butter Kix Pops Kids Can Make Themselves

The beauty of these easy-to-make, nut-free, no-bake treats is that kids can make them with little or no help. While the lollipop sticks aren’t necessary, they sure do make these much more fun to eat. If you like, sneak some banana slices in these treats, too!   You may substitute any nut butter for the […]

Father's Day Snack Mix

Being a Dad is hungry work, isn’t it? Mix it up this year with a fun Father’s Day Ties n’ Mustaches food gift. Present the snack mix to Dad in a little paint can favor box along with his favorite beverage. Or just in a big bowl, which I’m sure will please him just the […]

Observation Skills: Red, Yellow and You!

It’s a basic science concept, and one that even the youngest kids can understand: Red, yellow and blue combine to create orange, green and purple. Explore colors with your little ones in these three awesome projects. Magical Color Transfer   Rainbow Breakfast Bento Box from our friends at    Painting with Ice Cubes

Food Art: Earth Day Kix Cake

Earth day is Tuesday, April 22nd, and it’s a perfect opportunity to talk to your kids about why taking care of the earth is so important.  Why not enjoy a little cake with your talk too?!  This earth day cake is so fun to make, your kids will want to help you in the kitchen before you enjoy […]

Kix Kiddie Fruit Salads

Here’s a snack with extra a-peel! Use oranges (or at least their outsides) to create a cute mini-bowl for fruit salad (don’t forget to compost after eating!) To make Kix Kiddie Fruit Salads you will need: 4 large fresh oranges 1 cup fresh blueberries 1 cup fresh sliced strawberries Honey Kix cereal   Directions: 1. […]

Mini Honey Kix Cereal Cheesecakes

Kids love cute individual-serving desserts, and these yummy, easy-to-make mini cheesecakes have the added appeal of a crunchy Kix Cereal crust!   To make Mini Honey Kix Cereal Cheesecakes you will need: For the crust: 1½ cups Honey Kix™ cereal, crushed to ½ cup 2 tablespoons melted butter or margarine For the filling: 1 package […]

Honey Kix Mango-Carrot Smoothies

Here’s a delicious way to get kids to try out new flavors (and sneak in some veggies) in a spring-y, sippable smoothie snack! To make Honey Kix Mango-Carrot Smoothies you will need: 1 1/2 cups frozen mango chunks (from 16-oz. bag) 3/4 cup carrot juice 1/2 cup Mountain High® Original plain yoghurt (from 32-oz. container) […]

"Pot of Gold" Marshmallow Pops

If you don’t find a real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow this year, perhaps these marshmallow pops can be a close second. Chocolate and marshmallows are made even better by the crunch of Kix “gold” at top. To make pot of gold marshmallow pops: You will need:* Marshmallows Kitchen scissors Lollipop […]

Savory Italian Mini Pull-Aparts

Savory/sweet, rich, delicious perfection. Here’s a mini-sized version of a classic Pull-Apart that’s perfect for divvying up between lots of little kids at snacktime (grown-up kids, too!).   To make Savory Italian Monkey Bread Mini Pull-Aparts you will need: 2 cups Kix® cereal 2 teaspoons Italian seasoning 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 […]

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