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Cardboard Tube Bald Eagle

Cardboard Tube Bald Eagle

With Memorial Day right around the corner, now is a great time to talk to kids about America’s national bird, the Bald Eagle. Shortly after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a committee was formed in order to choose the design for the national seal. However, all the committee members had different ideas, and […]

Cardboard Tube Chili Pepper Maracas

May 5th is Cinco de Mayo, a largely U.S. holiday that celebrates Mexican heritage. Lots of fun crafts and recipes have been developed to help teach children about this festive day. One great way to celebrate is by making music, such as the shaking of maracas. I’ll show you how to take common household items […]

Cardboard Tube Bouquet of Felt Roses @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

Cardboard Tube Bouquet of Felt Roses

Making felt roses is not as hard as you might think. In fact, they are pretty easy for elementary age kids. Preschoolers will find this a bit too challenging as their motor skills are still developing. This pretty bouquet makes a great decoration or teacher gift. Perfect for displaying on a desk! To make this […]

kix cereal cardboard tube stackers

Cardboard Tube Stackers

Cardboard is, single-handedly, one of the best things that you can recycle into an awesome crafting material. It comes is so many shapes and sizes, and you’ll find you use them in so many every day things: cereal boxes, toilet paper tubes, paper towels, moving boxes … The list goes on and on! Here’s one […]

Cardboard Tube Coiled Candy Cane by @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

Cardboard Tube Candy Cane Decoration

I almost never throw away cardboard tubes. I have a drawer in my craft room filled with them because you can make so many things with a cardboard tube as the base! When you paint a cardboard tube and let it dry for about thirty minutes or so, it’s pliable and can be shaped if […]

DIY Cardboard Tube Building Logs

Building blocks are a great tool to encourage creativity and build motor skills. You can make these colorful logs yourself out of nothing more than your recycled toilet paper or paper towel cardboard tubes! Start by painting all the rolls fun colors. Once the rolls are dry cut out a notch on one or both […]

10 Cardboard Tube Crafts

We all have cardboard tubes hanging around (you know the cardboard tube you’re left with after the toilet paper is gone), so why not turn them into something fun before recycling them?! Here are 10 craft ideas featuring a cardboard tube. 1) Animals Create an animal using paint, crayons, construction paper markers and/or googly eyes (basically, […]

Naked Egg Science Experiment

This cool science experiment will show your kids that, through osmosis and chemical reactions, you can strip an egg of its hard outer shell using vinegar! With a few things from your kitchen and a bit of patience you can create a translucent, rubbery egg! The Steps: 1. Carefully place an egg into a cup. […]

Recycled Cardboard Castle Craft

Recycled Cardboard Castle Craft

Here’s a winning craft idea: have fun making a cardboard castle craft, creating a play set for future pretend adventures. Raid your recycling bin for cardboard tubes and a box, and craft your own cute recycled cardboard castle. Use your castle for all sorts of open-ended imaginative play, which will provide hours of fun and […]

DIY Water Filter Experiment

This kid experiment shows you how to create a simple water filter and watch how large particles and dirt are slowly filtered out of water. The Experiment Steps: 1. Have an adult cut the bottom off a plastic water bottle and poke a hole in the lid. 2. Place a coffee filter into the water […]

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