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DIY Water Filter Experiment

This kid experiment shows you how to create a simple water filter and watch how large particles and dirt are slowly filtered out of water.

The Experiment Steps:

1. Have an adult cut the bottom off a plastic water bottle and poke a hole in the lid.



2. Place a coffee filter into the water bottle near the hole and set the bottle into a cup or bottle with room for filtered water.


3. Carefully pour some sand on top of the filter.

kix-water-filter-44. Layer small gravel and larger rocks on top of the sand.


5. Slowly pour the dirty water over the rocks.

kix-water-filter-56. Watch as the dirt and particles are filtered out of the water!


(Do not drink the water, it is filtered of large particles and dirt but not of bacteria and other harmful substances.)

Allison Waken is a kids’ activity and craft guru always ready to try something new. See more on her blog, All for the Boys, where she features activities and crafts that inspire creativity, play and interaction.