Kix Cereal

Naked Egg Science Experiment

This cool science experiment will show your kids that, through osmosis and chemical reactions, you can strip an egg of its hard outer shell using vinegar! With a few things from your kitchen and a bit of patience you can create a translucent, rubbery egg!

The Steps: 1. Carefully place an egg into a cup. kix-science-naked-egg-2 2. Pour vinegar over the egg. kix-science-naked-egg-1 3. Let sit for 12–24 hours. kix-science-naked-egg-4 4. Carefully remove the egg from the vinegar. kix-science-naked-egg-5 5. Rub off what’s left of the shell (you can run the egg under water as well). kix-science-naked-egg-6 6. Check out the translucent, rubbery egg! kix-science-naked-eggs-3w kix-science-naked-eggs-2w