Fall Leaf Bow Tie & Hair Bow

Fall Leaf Bow Tie & Hair Bow

Fall is here and with it comes the changing of the leaves. Fall colors are so beautiful, it makes you want to hang on to the season as long as you can! I’ll show you how to hang on to those colors with these sweet wearable hair bows and bow ties! Girls will love to […]

Hooray! - The Perfect Pie to Celebrate Pi Day

Yup, for those of you not in-the-know, this is a real thing.  Celebrated March 14th, Pi Day is often marked by pie baking, pie eating contests, discussing the merits of the number π, and so forth.  Which brings me to my story… Recently, my husband told me about a three-in-one pie he had heard about, made […]

Happy Thanksgiving: It’s gobble time!

The family and friends that are around the Thanksgiving table, the feast that awaits, the fun of the day. Help your child make a list of everything to be grateful for and make sure to say “Thanks” to everyone at the celebration. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Kix—we’re grateful for you!

Kix Cereal Sweet Potato Parfaits

Happy National Parfait Day! Layer on the delicious with this easy-to-make, Thanksgiving appropriate parfait recipe. We love how it contrasts smooth sweet potatoes with crunchy Kix! Crafty kids might want to decorate the parfait cups with paper cutouts or other seasonal decorations.   How to make Kix® Sweet Potato Parfaits:   You will need: 3/4 […]

3 Thanksgiving Leftovers Lunch Ideas

One of the best things about a Thanksgiving meal is the leftovers. But you needn’t stick with just microwaving a repeat plate from the day before. A box of stackable circles, their favorites in a hand pie, delicious potato coins they are sure to gobble up, sushi that’s not quite sushi… All the flavors of […]

Food Art: Thanksgiving Turkey Snack

This cute little turkey food art snack is perfect for kids to enjoy this Thanksgiving season. It’s really easy to assemble and full of kid-approved foods.   What you’ll need Ingredients: 1 large whole-wheat cracker 1 small whole-wheat cracker 5 slices of banana 1 slice of naval orange, sliced in half 1 strawberry 1 baby […]

Thanksgiving Corn Kix Snack Packs

Seeking Thanksgiving day crafts to keep the kids busy? Easily turn brown paper lunch bags into Kix-filled, corn-shaped snacks. These festive favors double as snack packs while waiting for dinner to be served. All you need is paper bags, paint, pencils, scissors and tape. Oh yes, and Kix, of course. To make Thanksgiving Kix snack […]

Thanksgiving Pasta Canvas Art

Thanksgiving pasta art is one of those classic crafts that no one can seem to resist. It’s colorful, has great texture and the limit is only your imagination! To re-create this Thanksgiving project  you’ll need wrapped canvas (burlap or regular white canvas) – this is the canvas that’s wrapped around a wood frame making for […]

Cereal Box Thankful Turkey by @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

Thankful Turkey Thanksgiving Table Decoration

Here’s a fun and festive way that your kids can express what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving season. Create an adorable turkey from paper and a recycled cereal box. This turkey makes a great Thanksgiving table decoration and can be filled with silk flowers and leaves or used as a napkin holder! To make […]

Easy DIY Chalkboard Placemats

In a kid’s mind dinner is so boooring. These quick and easy chalkboard placemats help draw kids to the table, without their electronic devices. Use them under the dishes for dinnertime doodles, or, use them as learning tools, on your party table or just for anytime art. How to make chalkboard placemats.  You will need:* […]