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Easy DIY Chalkboard Placemats

In a kid’s mind dinner is so boooring. These quick and easy chalkboard placemats help draw kids to the table, without their electronic devices. Use them under the dishes for dinnertime doodles, or, use them as learning tools, on your party table or just for anytime art.


How to make chalkboard placemats.

 You will need:*

Sticky back chalkboard Contact paper
Flexible cutting boards or plastic placemats

*You can use any plastic placemats you like. Flexible cutting boards are used here. I used cutting boards because they are a good weight, just the right size for a place mat and the reverse side makes a second, colorful place mat. Find the sticky back Contact paper HERE at amazon and the flexible cutting boards used to make these HERE at amazon.



To make chalkboard placemats, unroll a section of contact paper and place chalkboard-side down on the table. Trace a cutting board on the back of the contact paper with a pencil, using the paper edges and the guidelines on the backing to make the size match as closely as possible.


Cut out along the pencil lines. Peel off the backing and carefully adhere to the cutting board. Tip: Peel off half of the backing first, adhere to the cutting board, and slowly remove the remaining backing while smoothing the contact paper on the cutting board with your hands.


Here are some ideas for using your chalkboard placemats:

  •  At the Thanksgiving table, have kids (and grown-ups) write their blessings.
  • Write names on the placemats and use them as place settings. Make sure to leave some chalk, too, so diners can doodle while they wait for dinner.


  • Have kids practice spelling what they are eating.
  • Or, make math fun. Have them count their meal: 5 carrots + 1 turkey burger + 9 French fries = dinner.
  • Confused about what plate goes where? Draw an etiquette reminder.


  • Use placemats under dishes served at a party so you can list ingredients or allergy warnings.
  • Or, use placemats under serving dishes at a party with drawings to match the theme of the party. Car party? The bowls become cars on the move. Fairy party? Maybe a fairy can sprinkle magic on the party food.



Meaghan Mountford, author of Sugarlicious: 50 Cute and Clever Treats for Every Occasion, has been creating crafty sweets for 15 years. She is especially fond of decorating cookies, marshmallows and putting sweets on sticks. See more on her blog, the decorated cookie.

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