Paper Airplane

Paper airplanes are one of those timeless toys that never gets old. This version from All for the Boys is simple to fold but flies really well. Try making your own with different sizes and types of paper and see how it affects flight.

Paper Friendship Fortune Cookies by Amanda Formaro

Paper Friendship Fortune Cookies

Kids love to pass notes and share fun sentiments with friends. Friendship pens and friendship bracelets are a great way to share a special bond, so how about combining the two with these friendship fortune cookies? They are easy to make, you can use any colors you like, and they are great for both boys […]

Kids' Fashion Week

Dressing up can be one of the ways that kids express their creativity, especially if there are handmade touches in the mix. In honor of New York Fashion Week, we found two simply fun projects to make together and wear everywhere. The glittery kicks are from …love, maegan … …and the colorblock tie is from […]

3-D Hand Drawing

It’s like a Hollywood special effect, right on your kitchen table. This awesome 3D-drawing activity from All for the Boys is also a fun way to sneak in a little lesson on artistic technique, plus kids can experiment with different color combinations and finger positioning to see what looks best.

Top Five Camping Activities

Packing up for a Labor Day away—or wishing you were headed to a campground? Just a few extra supplies (noodles, glue, googly eyes, pom-poms, birdseed, yarn) plus nature’s bounty (twigs, pine cones) will add creative, nature-themed activities to your weekend of R&R, plus we added a camping cake for staycation fun.   1) Make a […]

Fall Tree Window Clings -

Fall Craft: Tree Window Clings

Fall is just about here, and with it comes the changing of the season’s gorgeous colors. Red, yellow, orange and green combine to create a beautiful sea of color in the trees above our heads. Kids are often fascinated by the magical change that takes place, so why not celebrate fall in all its glory […]

Recycled Juice Box Boats

Summer is nearing its end and school has already started or is right around the corner. Lunch boxes will soon be coming home each day ready to be cleaned out and prepped for the next. Don’t throw away those empty juice boxes! Use them to create a fleet of boats or have a boat race! […]

Make Colorful Rainbow Jellyfish from

Make Colorful Rainbow Jellyfish

Did you hit the beach this summer during your family vacation? Chances are you collected seashells, saw an occasional crab scurry across the sand, and maybe, just maybe, you spotted a jellyfish or two! Head over to Crafts by Amanda to get the instructions to make your own adorable jellyfish craft. They’re all decked out in […]

How to make a Kix Kaleidoscope -

KiX Kaleidoscope

This classic boredom buster was a favorite from just about everyone’s childhood. Staring into the myriad of changing colors was always fun and a great way to spend a rainy afternoon! Why not make it an afternoon of crafting fun with your school aged kids? Little ones will love the final result, but the construction […]

How to Organize Recycled Materials for Crafts

Have you ever seen a fun kid craft idea only to realize you have none of the items needed on hand? Keeping recycled materials organized and ready is a great way to save yourself some time and allows  your child’s imagination to run wild! Here are a few tips on how to organize craft materials […]

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