Kid Thank-You Envelope Card

Getting gifts is great, until Mom makes you write thank-you notes for every single one. But I figured out a way to bring thank yous to a whole new level of fun this year with this easy-to-make, inventive Thank You card. Create the card with built-in envelopes for secret messages, decorate it to fit your […]

Cardboard Tube Coiled Candy Cane by @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

Cardboard Tube Candy Cane Decoration

I almost never throw away cardboard tubes. I have a drawer in my craft room filled with them because you can make so many things with a cardboard tube as the base! When you paint a cardboard tube and let it dry for about thirty minutes or so, it’s pliable and can be shaped if […]

Plastic Cup Diorama Ornaments

The beauty of these diorama ornaments is in choosing what to capture inside the dome. Your kids can create any scene they like with any light-weight items, as long as it fits beneath the plastic cup. They can also craft their own figures, or, use miniatures. Cotton balls, pom poms, pipe cleaners, and doll house […]

DIY Seasonal Scenic Dishes

Given how easy it is to turn inexpensive, plain dishes into fun decor, I’m going to make some for every holiday. Display these festive dishes throughout the season, letting kids create their own fun scenes. Sure, the carrot nose is obvious, but maybe the snowman needs a sweet pea mustache and pasta hair? Or perhaps […]

5 Scrabble Tile DIY Gifts

Scrabble letter tiles are great for kids learning how to spell and recognize words, and they’re great for crafting too! Here are 5 crafts kids can make with parent’s help for themselves or as grandparent diy gifts this holiday season. Ornament It’s simple and can be made anyway you want! Choose the letter tiles to […]

Las Posadas Crown Craft: Latino Heritage Craft

Las Posadas is a nine day celebration starting on December 16th and ending on Christmas Eve.  Meaning lodging in Spanish, Las Posadas celebrate the origins of Christmas and remains a culturally significant holiday for many Latinos today. Included in celebrations of Las Posadas is imagery of the three kings. Simple and festive activities like this […]

Crystal-Coated Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

Science doubles as fun with this winter craft for the older kids. Create fun shapes with pipe cleaners and magically coat them with crystals. The chemical reaction is much the same as turning sugar into rock candy. Both require a simple set-up and a little patience for eye-catching results. Borax is made of soft crystals […]

Invent an LED postcard!

Here’s one of our favorite projects: Using a tiny LED light to help kids learn about electric circuits. Grab a kid, some craft supplies and a few simple electronics for a very illuminating experience—and watch how to make a light-up postcard here!

Paper Plate Christmas Characters: Santa, Rudolph, Snowman

Whether you’re crafting with a toddler or a school aged child this Christmas, these iconic characters are fun for a wide range of age groups. Cotton balls and white glue are a toddler’s best crafting friend as they stick instantly without falling off! So pull out the crayons and the paper plates and I’ll show […]

Cereal Box Winter Diorama by @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

Cereal Box Winter Diorama

Wintertime means plenty of fun out playing in the snow! Sledding, building snowman, and even a friendly snowball fight can be a great way to spend an afternoon. Sometimes though, it’s just too cold to play outside, so here’s a fun activity that keeps you busy until the temps go up a bit! For this […]

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