Trick this Treat: Cereal Box Haunted House

There’s something eerie about this chocolatey house… almost like someone is watching. Always watching. No matter where you try and hide, these eyes are always watching. All you need to create a spooky scene for your Halloween table are some monster cereals and a few supermarket and craft store supplies. Don’t you wonder who lurks […]

Giant Bubble Mix Recipe

You’ll need a couple of unexpected ingredients (like glycerin, which you can find in pharmacies), but once you mix up a batch of this mix, you’ll see why it’s worth the extra effort. Make some mega-enormous-giganta-bubbles, courtesy of Happy Hooligans!  

Top 12 Crafty Halloween Ideas

Make your bash a graveyard smash with our creative, evil-genius activities and snacks! Frightfully Delightful Décor Make one or dozens of these easy Halloween Treat Cups to decorate every corner of your haunted house—or pre-paint cups for a creative party activity. Thanks to Crafts by Amanda.   Be sure you have a spooky centerpiece, like this […]

Kid Craft: Fall Lawn Wind Ornaments

You’ve seen lawn ornaments all over the place and fall is just the start! Why not get the kids’ imagination going and create your own fall lawn ornament? It’s easy, fun and everyone will have fun creating this fun fall lawn ornament! You’ll  need: fan (and some sort of stand if your fan can’t point […]

Glowing Frankenstein Milk Jug @amandaformaro

Glowing Frankenstein Milk Jug

It’s that time of year both kids and adults get equally excited about. What’s not to love? It’s the only time of year to wear favorite, creative costumes and knock on doors in hopes that a candy or other treats are dropped into a trick-or-treat bag. It’s also that time of year when it gets […]

Turn a Basketball Into an Eyeball! @amandaformaro

Parent Hack: Turn a Basketball Into an Eyeball!

Halloween is right around the corner and you’re probably still searching for some decorations for your front porch. Dig through the garage and find that old, worn out basketball and using the instructions over at Crafts by Amanda, turn it into this fun and spooky Upcycled Basketball Eyeball!

Easy Camping Kids' Crafts

Whether you’re camping in the woods or in your own backyard these simple, fun camp crafts are a great way to keep little ones engaged and busy while enjoying the great outdoors! The campfire pit isn’t a place for kids to play, but they can make their own to roast as many pretend marshmallows as […]

Shadow Puppets in a Cereal Box Theater

Shadow Puppets in a Cereal Box Theater

Does this craft bring you back? Even if you never made a shadow puppet theater from a cereal box, you’ve definitely made shadow puppets on the wall with your hands. This cereal box theater allows your kids to put on a fun shadow puppet show in front of a live audience! Have them invite some […]

Edible Kix Cereal Art

Kids love to play with their food, so why not combine the creative fun of art and a favorite snack? You’ll need yogurt (or peanut butter), cereal, and dried or fresh fruit. First, place a large dollop of yogurt or peanut butter on a plate.  Then, spread evenly to create the work surface. If you […]

Fall Finger Puppet Characters

Fall Leaves Finger Puppets

Has the weather started to get a little chilly where you live? If so, the leaves will be turning colors soon and begin to fall from the trees. Now is a great time to have your kids make some fun fall leaf finger puppets from If the leaves aren’t quite falling yet, she’ll show […]

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