White Chocolate Cherry Kix Clusters

A word of caution: You may not be able to stop munching on these white chocolate cherry Kix clusters. While this easy recipe makes these ideal for kids to make and give as holiday gifts, you might not have anything but crumbs to offer. They are just that delicious. This recipe is very forgiving. Instead […]

Kix Cereal Sweet Potato Parfaits

Happy National Parfait Day! Layer on the delicious with this easy-to-make, Thanksgiving appropriate parfait recipe. We love how it contrasts smooth sweet potatoes with crunchy Kix! Crafty kids might want to decorate the parfait cups with paper cutouts or other seasonal decorations.   How to make Kix® Sweet Potato Parfaits:   You will need: 3/4 […]

3 Thanksgiving Leftovers Lunch Ideas

One of the best things about a Thanksgiving meal is the leftovers. But you needn’t stick with just microwaving a repeat plate from the day before. A box of stackable circles, their favorites in a hand pie, delicious potato coins they are sure to gobble up, sushi that’s not quite sushi… All the flavors of […]

Food Art: Thanksgiving Turkey Snack

This cute little turkey food art snack is perfect for kids to enjoy this Thanksgiving season. It’s really easy to assemble and full of kid-approved foods.   What you’ll need Ingredients: 1 large whole-wheat cracker 1 small whole-wheat cracker 5 slices of banana 1 slice of naval orange, sliced in half 1 strawberry 1 baby […]

Teeny, Tiny, Sweet Kids' Birthday Treats

It’s a given that miniature versions of big things smack of cute. You’d think that crafting in miniature would be somehow easier, but that isn’t always so. It takes much thought and attention to detail to create something tiny. These decadent treats, crafted with care, would make a wonderful, yearly birthday tradition. Each of these […]

Kix Starfruit Upside-Down Cake

Kids love to help with baking projects, and this starfruit recipe gives them lots of chances, from crushing the cereal to slicing the starfruit (with parent help, of course!) to placing the slices in the pan. It’s also an amazingly delicious twist on the classic Pineapple Upside-Down Cake recipe. How to make the Starfruit Upside-Down […]

Top 5 Grandparent / Grandkid Craftivities

Loom-weave potholders, doily snowflakes, pom-poms: Grandparent crafters made some amazing stuff in their day. We’ve pulled together our five favorite activities from our memories with grandparents, with fun new twists that Grandma and Grandpa will really love (and the grandkids too).   1. Hula-Hoop Throw Rug Turn that pile of never-worn T-shirts into a colorful […]

Fun Food-Art Starfruit Faces

When sliced to take advantage of its five-pointed shape, star fruit is perfect for creating delicious little works of food art—and then gobbling them up! Just gather an assortment of cereal, berries, nuts and some yogurt as food-art fastener (holding blueberries as eyes, etc.), then let your child’s imagination come up with one funny face […]

Surprise-Inside Kix Corn Muffins

What will your bite into these yummy corn muffins bring? A roasted tomato? Or maybe a hot dog, or gooey cheese. Better yet, a broccoli tree? Hide your kids’ favorites in these Kix corn muffins and let them guess what’s inside.     To make Surprise-Inside Kix Corn Muffins, you will need: 1 to 1 […]

Edible Wizard Wands

This play-with-your-food-activity is fun, simple and delicious! To make your own wizard wands you’ll need pretzel rods peanut butter and/or melting chocolate candy seeds/nuts sprinkles favorite Kix cereal wax paper Edible wizard wands can be made any way you like. Add some cereal or seeds to your pretzel (using peanut butter as a “glue”) and […]

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