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Top 5 Grandparent / Grandkid Craftivities

Loom-weave potholders, doily snowflakes, pom-poms: Grandparent crafters made some amazing stuff in their day. We’ve pulled together our five favorite activities from our memories with grandparents, with fun new twists that Grandma and Grandpa will really love (and the grandkids too).


1. Hula-Hoop Throw Rug

Turn that pile of never-worn T-shirts into a colorful rug! Thanks to dig-mig for sharing her finished product – see her tips here.

HulaHoopRug Grandparent Grandkid


2. Pom Pom Critters

Grandparents probably remember making these to decorate roller skates and pencil tops; we love how adding googly eyes creates monstrous characters! Thanks to The Purple Pug for sharing instructions and inspiration.

 valentineyarnmonster Grandparent Grandkid


3. DIY Kaleidoscope

Every time you turn it, it creates a new dazzling view. Help your grandchild make a kaleidoscope just like the one you crafted at the kitchen table.

kaleidoscope-1 Grandparent Grandkid


4. Caramel Apples (with no caramel or apples)

We love these treats-on-a-stick from The Decorated Cookie. Find the recipe and instructions here!

caramelapple1 Grandparent Grandkid 

5. Paper Doily Snowflake Garland

It’s not a holiday without them! Make a retro-inspired garland with instructions from Hello Naomi.

Doilies Grandparent Grandkid