Invent an LED postcard!

Here’s one of our favorite projects: Using a tiny LED light to help kids learn about electric circuits. Grab a kid, some craft supplies and a few simple electronics for a very illuminating experience—and watch how to make a light-up postcard here!

Create an Artbot!

What’s an artbot? It’s a cute, funny, unpredictable, made-by-kids way to encourage creativity! Check out how recycled materials, a few markers and one tiny motor can create a great learning experience for kids.

Build a YOXO car!

YOXO was founded by Play from Scratch on a simple, brilliant idea: What if we took the 19 billion cardboard tubes that are thrown away every year—and used them to fuel kid imaginations? See how you can use upcycled tubes to rev up some creativity!

Make an LED-Light Postcard!

Your kid will love making this LED-light postcard with you because they get the chance to add a super-bright spot to their artwork—and you’ll be sneaking in a little learning time about how an electronic circuit works! To make an LED postcard: You will need: Craft supplies (Construction paper cut into your desired size, markers, […]

Your kid can be a Coder!

Google Creative Labs recently released Coder: a simple way for parents and teachers to teach kids how to write code for the web. It’s simple, inexpensive and gives kids the power of programming for the web. WHAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED To get started, you’ll need some hardware: Raspberry Pi Model B single-board computer 5V […]

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