4 cereal box craft kits - great way to organize activities for summer

4 Cereal Box Craft Kits for Summer Crafts Organization

Craft kits are a great way to entertain kiddos during the long days of summer. Here are four fun themed craft kits that contain great summer crafts and activities; decorated cereal boxes provide a portable container that helps organize craft supplies. Keep kids interested in their craft supplies by dividing them into kits, then rotate […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers Diorama

Water Cycle Diorama

Have your kids ever asked where rain comes from? This fun projects helps kids understand the water cycle and where water comes from. The U.S. Geological Survey has an in-depth kid friendly water cycle diagram that’s not only fun to look at, it’s also interactive! Kids can mouse around the different areas of the diagram […]

Large Motor Skills: On the Move

Developing large motor skills is one of the ways that children make the leap to fun activities like riding a scooter or kicking a ball. These craft activities will get then excited to play in ways that build big muscles! Pool Noodle Lightsabers   Paper Cup Shakers   Cereal Box Superhero Mask

"Campfire" Gorp in a Cereal Box Snackpack

Whether it’s a walk down a city sidewalk or a hike in the woods, now is the time to get outside and get moving. Keep your energy up for those long treks with this cereal box-turned-snack box filled with “campfire” gorp. Loop the snack pack around your belt buckle, wrist, or attach to your backpack. […]

4 Teacher Gift Ideas to Make

4 Teacher Appreciation Crafts to Make

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! It’s easy to let your teachers know how much you value what they do; just make one of our clever teacher’s gift ideas. We used recycled materials and items purchased at the dollar store to make these simple, yet clever, gifts. 1. School Supply-Themed Teacher Gift: Pencil Vase Use […]

Star Wars Treat Mix and Make-Your-Own-Droid

Star Wars fans are a devoted bunch. And why shouldn’t we be? We understand the awesomeness of a story that is so grand and so important to our collective culture that an entire day is named after the quintessential Star Wars quote, “May the force be with you.” Yes. May the 4th be with us […]

Thinking & Logic: Make-It-Yourself Fun

When kids craft toys that they’ll play with later, they have to plan ahead, building thinking, logic and reasoning skills. Give your kids a great way to do a little “if, then” thinking with these toy-creating activities! Kids Craft: Sock + Octopus = Socktopus! Cereal Box Sandbox Recycled Craft: Make a Rainstick  

Sensory Learning: Making Music

Use a kid’s innate love for making music – and a little noise – to engage them in activities that provide sensory learning experiences. Check out these three activities that let kids create their own instruments, then get a jam session going! Oatmeal Container Drum   Paper Plate Noise Maker   Cereal Box Guitar

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