DIY Cereal Box Costumes

Dressing up is fun for kids no matter what time of year it is. Get the kids involved in creating their own costumes using materials and craft supplies you already have! Here are 3 costume ideas using a cereal box as the base. Owl (or any type of bird): Cut a chest piece out of […]

Trick this Treat: Cereal Box Haunted House

There’s something eerie about this chocolatey house… almost like someone is watching. Always watching. No matter where you try and hide, these eyes are always watching. All you need to create a spooky scene for your Halloween table are some monster cereals and a few supermarket and craft store supplies. Don’t you wonder who lurks […]

Make Your Own Light Box for Kids @amandaformaro

DIY Light Box for Kids

A light box is really easy to make. In fact, there are no crafting skills required. A light box can provide hours of fun and can even come in handy for adults on occasion! You will need a few supplies that you can pick up at any discount department store. To make your own light […]

Shadow Puppets in a Cereal Box Theater

Shadow Puppets in a Cereal Box Theater

Does this craft bring you back? Even if you never made a shadow puppet theater from a cereal box, you’ve definitely made shadow puppets on the wall with your hands. This cereal box theater allows your kids to put on a fun shadow puppet show in front of a live audience! Have them invite some […]

Rainbow Breakfast Bento Box

Even the most excited back-to-schooler can sometimes use a little extra encouragement to get brushed, backpacked and to the table on an early morning. This breakfast-in-bento-box gets the job done. Check out the whole how-to on  

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