Kix Cereal

DIY Cereal Box Costumes

Dressing up is fun for kids no matter what time of year it is. Get the kids involved in creating their own costumes using materials and craft supplies you already have! Here are 3 costume ideas using a cereal box as the base.


Owl (or any type of bird):

Cut a chest piece out of a cereal box.


Create a template for the feathers using the cereal box and use to cut out construction paper in different colors for feathers.


Starting at the bottom, glue the tops of the “feathers” to the chest piece adding more layers as you work your way up.


Make a mask decorating with construction paper or paint.


Add string to the mask and chest piece and you’re finished. You can leave as is or create wings and feet for a more elaborate costume.


Building Block

Leaving the cereal box assembled, start covering it with your favorite color of duct tape.  Cut off the ends of paper cups, wrap in duct tape and attach to the box.


Cover another box in tape for the back and create shoulder straps with strips of duct tape (using another strip of duct tape on the underside so it isn’t sticky).


Wear the same color clothing underneath (or white or black) to complete the costume.


Ninja Turtle

Paint a cardboard chest and back piece the color of your choice and paint your shell design (this is fun for kids to design their own shell!). Make a simple mask from duct tape or fabric.



Using these same techniques your kids can dream up any type of costume!

Allison Waken is a kids’ activity and craft guru always ready to try something new. See more on her blog, All for the Boys, where she features activities and crafts that inspire creativity, play and interaction.