Cereal Box Doctor's Kit

Cereal Box Doctor's Kit

Pretend play is a healthy and important part of your child’s development. Activities like this felt board are great for quiet play, while these mitten puppets are fun for interacting with others. A doctor’s kit actually covers both! Your child can play independently with a doll or teddy bear, or with a friend or parent […]

Clothespin Airplanes for Preschoolers

There are plenty of really cute crafts out there, but sometimes the steps to make those crafts can be a bit daunting for young children. Paint is super fun, but it’s messy and due to drying time, doesn’t always mesh well with a preschooler’s attention span. Buying colored craft sticks is a great alternative and […]

Kid Science: Craft Stick Chain Reaction

There are some scientific concepts that kids understand intuitively—but it’s great to build on that knowledge to show how science happens in everyday life! Here’s a fun kid science experiment that teaches the difference between potential and kinetic energy. You’ll need craft sticks—the more you have, the bigger a chain reaction you can create! 1. […]

Craft Stick Spring Birds by @amandaformaro

Craft Stick Spring Birds

Ah spring! As the flowers begin to bloom and the birds begin to sing, the muddy landscape soon turns into an explosion of color! To celebrate all these fabulous colors, make some pretty spring birds from feathers and craft sticks. Your kids will love making these pretty birds and can put on a puppet show […]

3 Glittery Craft Sticks Projects by @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

3 Glittery Craft Stick Projects

It can’t be avoided, there’s something magical about glitter, and kids just love it! Add some of that magical glitter to the ever-famous craft stick, and you have a crafting day that everyone will love! Here are 3 classic craft stick ideas turned glittery with just a few supplies needed. For these glittery craft stick […]