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Kid Science: Craft Stick Chain Reaction

There are some scientific concepts that kids understand intuitively—but it’s great to build on that knowledge to show how science happens in everyday life!

Here’s a fun kid science experiment that teaches the difference between potential and kinetic energy. You’ll need craft sticks—the more you have, the bigger a chain reaction you can create!

1. First, interweave four craft sticks as pictured below:

Kix Science Craft Stick Project

2. Add a stick as a lock on one end.

Interweave craft sticks to create friction.

3. Keep weaving more craft sticks onto the other end…

Continue weaving craft sticks.

4. …and MORE craft sticks…

Stop when you have a long length.

5. Until you have a pretty impressive long lattice. That’s a LOT of potential energy stored up! 

Now unleash its kinetic power!

6. Wondering what happens when you let go? Watch kinetic energy get unleashed here!