Fall Leaf Bow Tie & Hair Bow

Fall Leaf Bow Tie & Hair Bow

Fall is here and with it comes the changing of the leaves. Fall colors are so beautiful, it makes you want to hang on to the season as long as you can! I’ll show you how to hang on to those colors with these sweet wearable hair bows and bow ties! Girls will love to […]

Kix Food Art Leaf Tree 1

Food Art: A Fall Leaf Fruit Tree

We are quickly nearing the end of summer, and fall will be here before we know it! Fall just happens to be my favorite season of the year. I love the warm breezes, the beautiful evenings and most of all, the colorful leaves. To me, nothing is prettier than falling leaves in gorgeous reds, oranges […]

Football Shaker Noise Makers

Football Shaker Noise Makers

With fall comes football! Kids all over the country will be donning pads and helmets and playing the great American sport we’ve come to love so much. Parents and siblings of football kids love to cheer on their team, and noise makers have become a big part of that yearly tradition. Over the years we’ve […]

Coffee Filter Sunflower Craft by Amanda Formaro for Kix Cereal

Coffee Filter Sunflowers

I live in the country, so I’m seeing a lot of sunflowers right about now. I love how they tower over everything and stand so majestically! Kids have been making sunflower crafts for many years, and the coffee filter sunflower has been done in several different ways. I’ve seen the filters colored with crayons, and […]

Puffy Tissue Paper Apple by Amanda Formaro for Kix Cereal

Puffy Tissue Paper Apple Craft

Many of you will remember making puffy tissue paper crafts when you were a child. They are fun and can be adjusted for younger ones too. If your child has trouble with the “pencil method,” they can skip the pencil and just wad up the tissue paper in their fingers. With fall and back to […]

"Campfire" Gorp in a Cereal Box Snackpack

Whether it’s a walk down a city sidewalk or a hike in the woods, now is the time to get outside and get moving. Keep your energy up for those long treks with this cereal box-turned-snack box filled with “campfire” gorp. Loop the snack pack around your belt buckle, wrist, or attach to your backpack. […]

Walking Cereal Box Animal Puppets

Sure, you can make cute animals from a cereal box. But cereal box animals that move and groove are even better. The paper towel rolls allow you to walk these guys around any which way. Or run. Or even sit. Basic shapes, such as circles, rectangles and triangles, make up these animals, so anyone can […]

10 Tips for All-Day Kid Creativity

Kids’ brains are always working, wondering, and soaking up new knowledge and ideas. We’re inspired by their 24/7 curiosity, and pulled together some ways to fuel creativity for kids, all day long. So get up bright ’n early and get some creativity going! 1. Play Alarm Clock Hide-and-Seek One game that’s NO fun: Begging, pleading, and […]

Thanksgiving Pasta Canvas Art

Thanksgiving pasta art is one of those classic crafts that no one can seem to resist. It’s colorful, has great texture and the limit is only your imagination! To re-create this Thanksgiving project  you’ll need wrapped canvas (burlap or regular white canvas) – this is the canvas that’s wrapped around a wood frame making for […]

Sensory Cereal Box

Have you ever made a sensory box for your kids? They provide a fun sensory experience through texture, shape, weight and size. It helps with recognition and muscle memory, and is just plain fun. For older kids you can have them record their observations through touch. It is hard, soft, sticky, big, heavy etc. Start […]

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