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10 Tips for All-Day Kid Creativity

Kids’ brains are always working, wondering, and soaking up new knowledge and ideas. We’re inspired by their 24/7 curiosity, and pulled together some ways to fuel creativity for kids, all day long. So get up bright ’n early and get some creativity going!

1. Play Alarm Clock Hide-and-Seek

One game that’s NO fun: Begging, pleading, and getting grumpy with a kid who doesn’t want to rise and shine in the morning! Instead, hide their alarm clock in a different place in their room every night. Waking up becomes a fun seek-and-find puzzle every morning!


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2. Make a Paper Plate Clock

All you need is construction paper, a paper plate and a paper fastener to tick-tock track your day! These are great for helping kids get a sense of what happens when in their day. One fun tip: make each number a fold-up flap with a picture inside showing what you do that hour. Here are instructions to make your own Paper Plate Clock.

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3. Breakfast Masterpieces

Make a good morning great: Set out your morning breakfast with slices of fruit, bowls of different cereals, and fun garnishes, and have kids make artistic creations they can gobble up to get a good—and creative—start to their day. Here’s one idea for inspiration:



4. Create a Chores Clothespin Chart

Ok, chores aren’t the funnest part of anyone’s day—but get them over with early and share the load, and it actually can be kind of fun! Make a clothespin chart together so kids know what’s on the to-do list—and get the satisfaction of completing one task after another! Other ideas include rolling chore “dice” or writing chores on ping-pong balls to pick out of a bowl, making a game out of finding what to do next. 

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5. Time to Go!

Headed off on errands? Here’s a fun craft you can do together that makes drive-time easier on everyone—a magnetic version of paper dolls—or switch up the idea to design racecars, invent space aliens, or whatever your kid is into!

Creativity for Kids magnet-dress-up-board-2 

6. Ward Off Grocery Store Wiggles

Once you get to the store, it can be hard to keep little ones—and even not-so-little ones—entertained. Using a food-safe marker, write the letters of the alphabet on mini-marshmallows. As kids find each letter of the alphabet on packages and signs, they get to treat themselves to a tiny snack! Bonus: Making these together ahead of time and packing them in a baggie—with the promise of treats at the store—will make getting out the door easier too. The Decorate Cookie has great tips here.

Kix_letter_marshmallow (2)


7. Nap Time Buddies

We’ve all been there—a kid who needs a nap more than anything, and is determined not to have anything to do with it. Decorate a pillowcase and label it with “Nap Buddies,” then fill it up with all your kid’s favorite naptime cuddlers.


At naptime, your child can reach in and be surprised by which “tired” buddy needs someone to snuggle up to and fall asleep with! By making it the “buddy” who needs a nap, the struggle is avoided—and your kid actually lays down and before you know it… zzzzzz….

And another fun way to create a personalized pillowcase from Kids Stuff World.

Creativity for Kids Handprint pillowcase 

8. Dinner To-Do

One last chore makes reconnecting over dinner extra-special: Create chalkboard placemats that kids can label with names, decorate with pictures, share the menu, or note what they want to talk about over dinner!

Creativity for Kids kix_chalkboardplacemat5 

9. Once Upon a Bedtime…

Every kid has a few favorite books that they especially love at bedtime—keep them right on hand by repurposing a spice rack as a book stash! You can decorate it together with stickers, or paint it to match the rest of the room’s décor. Check out how My Life and Kids did it here.



10. The Story of Your Day

A wonderful way to wrap up another fun day: Take turns telling each other the story of your day! Make sure you include a favorite part, a hard part, and the silliest moments in the tale. It’s a great way to hear how the day went from your child’s perspective. And everyone sleeps happily ever after!


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