Paper Plate Hamburger

Grilling season is here and it’s time for picnics and barbecues by the dozen! Here’s a fun project to celebrate summertime that the kids will love. They can make up their own special condiments too, the sky is the limit! This makes a great homemade decoration for Memorial Day too! You will need: Paper plate […]

4 cereal box craft kits - great way to organize activities for summer

4 Cereal Box Craft Kits for Summer Crafts Organization

Craft kits are a great way to entertain kiddos during the long days of summer. Here are four fun themed craft kits that contain great summer crafts and activities; decorated cereal boxes provide a portable container that helps organize craft supplies. Keep kids interested in their craft supplies by dividing them into kits, then rotate […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers Diorama

Water Cycle Diorama

Have your kids ever asked where rain comes from? This fun projects helps kids understand the water cycle and where water comes from. The U.S. Geological Survey has an in-depth kid friendly water cycle diagram that’s not only fun to look at, it’s also interactive! Kids can mouse around the different areas of the diagram […]

Watermelon Sun Visor

Nothing says summer quite like watermelon! It’s beautiful color combination of pink and green has become an iconic symbol of warm weather and really, who doesn’t love watermelon on a hot day? Here’s another way that watermelon can cool you off… By keep the sun’s hot rays at bay! Shade your child’s face and help […]

"Campfire" Gorp in a Cereal Box Snackpack

Whether it’s a walk down a city sidewalk or a hike in the woods, now is the time to get outside and get moving. Keep your energy up for those long treks with this cereal box-turned-snack box filled with “campfire” gorp. Loop the snack pack around your belt buckle, wrist, or attach to your backpack. […]

Watermelon pizza snack activity

Food Art: Watermelon Pizza

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s… a watermelon? Here’s a fun and simple snack idea that everyone will love: a build-your-own watermelon pizza! Of course, it only looks like pizza! This cute snack is really made of fruit and Kix cereal. And the best part? Everyone gets to customize […]

Observation Skills: Get Back to Nature

Nature gives kids so many ways to practice observation skills, whether it’s an experiment that helps them understand how plant roots absorb water or helping provide shelter for bees. Check out these three fun activities that combine a love of nature with an appreciation for science! Food-Coloring Carnations   Recycled Soda Bottle Terrarium   Make […]

Top 10 Camping Activities for Little Ones

As great as camping is for getting the family to spend some quality time together, it can be challenging to keep the littlest ones occupied while you’re setting up camp. Here are our favorite ways to keep ’em busy, having fun and close at hand! Play in a sandbox right at your campsite: Build an […]

Kid Science: Polymers

Polymers are groups of molecules that are connected to create a tangible object. Like plastic. The polymers in plastic are flexible, and actually move to form around a pencil poked through the bag to create a seal so that water doesn’t flow through. Try this experiment out to see polymers in action! The steps: 1. Pour water […]

Paper Plate Kite by @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

Paper Plate Kite

Temperatures are climbing upward and kids are finally able to spend more time outdoors. Kite flying is perfect for outdoor play as it’s often quite breezy as the weather patterns are changing from season to season. But what about the younger set who really aren’t old enough to fly a kite of their own just yet? […]

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