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Top 10 Camping Activities for Little Ones

As great as camping is for getting the family to spend some quality time together, it can be challenging to keep the littlest ones occupied while you’re setting up camp. Here are our favorite ways to keep ’em busy, having fun and close at hand!

Play in a sandbox right at your campsite:

kix Camping Activities sandbox-4

Build an outdoor fort:

kix Camping Activities fort 

Float some juice box boats: 

Kix Camping Activities juice-box-boats-4

Make food art for a fun snack:

kix Camping Activities cerealbutterfly2 

Or offer them a yummy hiking mix:

kix Camping Activities cereal-mix2

Create leaf critters: 

kix Camping Activities leaf-people-finger-puppets-2

Practice weaving:

kix Camping Activities yarn-loom-3a 

Build a kid-safe campfire:

kix-camping activities craft-campfire-10 

If the sun has gone down, do a little glow-in-the-dark bowling:

kix Camping Activities glow-bowling

And at the end of the night, it’s time for flashlight stories!

kix Camping Activities flashlight-story-telling-4