Kix Cereal

Frozen Yogurt Pops Snack Hack

This just might change your life. Or if not your life, at least make your day. One-step frozen yogurt pops!

You can make one or a dozen in a jiffy, keeping them in the freezer until needed.


You will need:

Individual yogurt cups

Wood popsicle sticks

Kix cereal

1. Simply pop the sticks through the tops of individual yogurt cups. Freeze overnight. 

2. When it’s snacktime, peel cup tops off and remove frozen pops (you might need to run them under hot water for a few seconds to loosen the frozen yogurt).

3. Pour Kix cereal in a small bowl, and dip the tops of the pops to add a crunchy sweet topping!

Special thanks to Annily Green for discovering this!