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Mother's Day Breakfast: Strawberry Yogurt Bites

Now here is an easy, yummy—but still fancy—breakfast the kids can help make for mom on Mother’s Day that won’t just make her smile politely with a wary look. Instead, she gets delicious, yogurt-filled strawberries topped with the crunch of Kix cereal.

Kix Mother's Day Yogurt-filled Strawberry Bites

By keeping the preparation simple, mom won’t have to guess what’s inside her breakfast. But these strawberry yogurt bites are still unusual enough to make her feel special.

Mother's Day Breakfast Ideas


To make Strawberry Yogurt Bites:

You will need:

Knife (make sure to supervise when letting your kids cut)
Kix cereal

Wash the strawberries. Have a grown-up cut off the bottom of the strawberries so they stand upright, and cut off the leafy top. Insert the tip of the knife into the top of the strawberry and rotate to create a hollowed area. Be sure to not cut to the bottom of the strawberry. TIP: Kids can help with this part by using a straw instead of a knife. Or, prepare the strawberries the night before Mother’s Day and let the kids do the rest themselves.

Cut the tops and bottoms of the strawberry

A very kid-friendly step, use a spoon to place a dollop of yogurt in the strawberry, then top with a few pieces of Kix cereal. Serve on a tray with orange juice, toast, flowers, a handmade card, and a gift certificate for a spa day. Or weekend. Or week.

Fill with mom's favorite yogurt flavor


Set on a try and have your kids serve her breakfast in bed!


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