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2 Beachy Craft Ideas for a Kids Beach-themed Craft Party

2 fun beach crafts for kids beach-inspired craft party

Summer is in FULL FORCE, and what’s a perfect way to enjoy it with the kids?

A beach themed party of course! Kids AND grown-ups love going to the beach…it’s totally a win-win party for everyone. Maybe it’s all the pretty water and sand?

PLUS, with these super easy projects, it will be a memorable party for everyone (especially if you plan on going to the beach soon).

Here’s what we’ll be crafting today:

  1. Kix Cereal Box Starfish
  2. Beach Memory Jar

They’ll be RIDING THE WAVES with these fun beach themed crafts!

Kix Cereal Box Starfish

Kids Kix cereal box starfish


Getting Started

I really wanted to use a cereal box to make my starfish, but I wasn’t sure how to cover it. I’ve seen lots of great ideas, but wanted to come up with something NEW.

At snack time, I noticed my  youngest son had smashed some of his Kix cereal. A LIGHT WENT OFF! I thought it would work perfect for my starfish.

I’m really happy with the results!

Kix cereal box starfish materials

Step 1 – Cut Starfish Printables

PRINT and cut out your starfish printable and trace it on the back side of the cereal box.

Then, cut out your starfish from the cereal box. We were able to use the front and BACK of the cereal box to cut out 4 starfish.

Kix cereal box starfish step 1

Step 2 – Create Starfish Shape

Once your starfish are cut out, you’ll want to create starfish LOOK. Pinch each end of the starfish together and voila a completed starfish shape.

Kix cereal box starfish step 2

Step 3 – Crush Kix Cereal

Now the fun part. The kids get to CRUSH the cereal!

We filled up a bowl with Kix cereal and started smashing it together with our fingers. After awhile, it starts to look like sand!

We left some LARGER pieces to give a little more texture to the starfish.

Kix cereal box starfish step 3

Step 4 – Add Crushed Cereal to Starfish

Finally, we covered our starfish with glue and started sprinkling the crushed cereal OVER the glue.

Let your starfish dry for a couple of hours. Then they’re all done and ready to display!

Kix cereal box starfish step 4

Finished Kix Cereal Box Starfish

Kids Kix cereal box starfish

Beach Memory Jar

Kids beach memory jars


  • White sand
  • Glass jar
  • Plastic funnel
  • Seashells
  • Blue chalk
  • Black permanent marker
  • Turquoise (or your favorite color) craft paint
  • Thin hemp rope
  • Decorative wooden label

Getting Started

I recently moved from Florida to North Carolina…

So, I wanted to create some LONG LASTING memories. On our last beach trip in Florida, I saved some sand and shells to make a beach memory jar as a special keepsake.

I wanted blue sand to resemble the water at the beach and think it looks pretty cool. To make yours, BE SURE you save some sand and sea shells on your next beach trip!!

Beach memory jar materials

Step 1 – Make Your Blue Sand

This is how we turned our sand blue.

We picked out a piece of blue chalk for the color of our sand. Then, we poured our sand out and started rolling the chalk back and fourth.

After about a minute, the sand will become blue.

Beach memory jar step 1

Step 2 – Add Blue and White Sand to Jar

We poured the water (I mean blue sand), in FIRST using a funnel. Then added our white sand.

Next, we picked out some of our favorite shells and added them to the jar.

Beach memory jar step 2

Step 3 – Paint and Add Label to Jar

Now it’s time to make our label!

I found this cute wooden label at the craft store and grabbed a few. We painted it our favorite color and wrote the date and name of the beach on the FRONT.

We finished the tag off with a decorative rope and tied our label around the TOP.

Beach memory jar step 3

Finished Beach Memory Jar

Kids beach memory jar

I really enjoyed working on these beach crafts with the kids.

And if you’re planning a BEACH-THEMED craft party, you can buy sand and shells from ANY craft store. I think they would be a great party favor for the kids to take home as well.

Best of luck with your beach-y craft party!

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