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2 Handmade Mother's Day Crafts Moms Can Make With Their Kids

Handprint glass clings and handmade crayon resist watercolor artwork

I can’t believe Mother’s Day is right around the corner! For this post, I wanted to share some GREAT and memorable crafts you can create with your kids on your special day.

I know you’ll LOVE making these crafts with your kids!

  1. Handprint Glass Clings
  2. ‘Handmade Love’ Watercolor Resist Art

You will have lots of fun creating these crafts together. Even MORE important, you’ll build a special memory together. That’s why I LOVE crafting with my kids.

Handprint Glass Clings

Handprint window clings


  • Puffy paint
  • Tinfoil
  • Pencil

Getting Started

I loved the idea of making handprint clings for Mother’s Day. It’s a great craft to work on with your kids.

It’s something you can see everyday when LOOKING out your window (or on a beautiful vase).

I made one with each of my boys (so that’s three), LOL!!


Step 1 – Trace Your Child’s Hand

I decided to use tinfoil for this craft. It really makes it so easy to TRACE out your handprint.

Make sure not to press too hard with your pencil. The foil tears easily.


Step 2 – Fill in With Puffy Paint

Trace out the OUTER edge of your handprint first. Then, go and fill in the rest of your hand. Make a nice thick layer with your puffy paint.

Let your handprint dry 4 hours. Next, add your child’s name. Let entire handprint dry 24 hours.


Quick Tip: You can always add the year UNDER the name to see how their little hand grows!

Step 3 – Peel Your Hand Up

After your handprint is completely dry, gently peel up. The cling pulls off pretty easy on the tinfoil.


Quick Tip: Be careful NOT to let the hand to get stuck together. It can fuse pretty easily.

Finished Handprint Glass Cling

Handprint vase cling

‘Handmade Love’ Watercolor Resist Art

Handmade love crayon resist watercolor artwork


  • Watercolors
  • White cardstock
  • Paintbrush
  • Yarn
  • White crayon
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors

Getting Started

Watercolor resist art is one of my favorite crafts to make with my boys. It’s a perfect craft to make with your kids (they can EVEN create it on their own).

But NO MATTER WHAT, the results are always beautiful.


Step 1 – Cut Your Heart out and Add Your Saying

FOLD your cardstock over and cut out a large heart. Lay the stencil over ANOTHER piece of white cardstock and write out your saying with a white crayon.

My husband came up with, “A child’s love is handmade.” He always says stuff like that!


Step 2 – Paint in Your Watercolors

While KEEPING your heart as a stencil, paint over the edges with your watercolors. Once you’ve painted the edges, PULL OFF your heart stencil and fill in the rest of your heart with watercolor.

Mother's Day watercolor resist art step 2

Step 3 – Add Your Punches and Yarn

Add your hole punches NEXT. I made 8 across the top and 11 along the sides.

Then, have your little ones thread their yarn through the holes. Finish it off, by TYING the yarn in a cute bow!

Mother's Day watercolor resist art step 3

Finished ‘Handmade Love’ Crayon Resist Watercolor Art

Handmade love crayon resist watercolor art

I hope these crafts can provide some heart-warming inspiration for your special day with the kids. I REALLY enjoyed working on them with my boys!

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