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4 Patriotic July 4th Party Crafts for Kids

4 patriotic July 4th kids party crafts

July 4th is just around the corner and thought I would get started early with some crafts for my ANNUAL party. I had a lot of fun putting them together, so I hope you enjoy!

Take PRIDE with these patriotic kids crafts!

  1. Patriotic Sparkler Holder
  2. Pipe Cleaner Sparklers
  3. Cardboard Tube Rockets
  4. Cereal Box Uncle Sam Hat

These clever crafts will give your little ones lots of fun at your July 4th party.

Patriotic Sparkler Holder

Patriotic cup sparkler holder


  • Red or blue plastic cup
  • Red, white and blue star foam stickers
  • Red, white and blue USA foam stickers
  • X-Acto knife (parents only)
  • Sparklers

Getting Started

I saw the idea for these on Love 2 Dream, Do you? and had to make some for the boys this year.

This SERIOUSLY was the easiest craft we’ve ever done. I guarantee this is a prefect craft for any age (especially if they can hold a sparkler).

Patriotic sparkler holder materials

Step 1 – Add Your Patriotic Foam Stickers

Decorate your cup. NO RULES with this part, just apply your stickers where you want ’em! I found these cute stickers and they worked out perfect.

They were a $1.00 a pack and went a long way!

Patriotic sparkler holder step 1

Step 2 – Cut Slit to Hold Sparkler

PARENTS, use an X-Acto knife to cut a slit and the bottom of cup to slip your sparkler through.

We went outside to test it. The sparkler holder worked GREAT! This was such a neat idea, the kids loved it.

Patriotic sparkler holder step 2

Finished Patriotic Sparkler Holder

Patriotic cup sparkler holder

Pipe Cleaner Sparklers

Pipe cleaner sparklers


  • 4 Metallic red pipe cleaners
  • 4 Metallic silver pipe cleaners
  • 4 Metallic blue pipe cleaners
  • Red, white or blue washi tape
  • Red, white or blue paper straws

Getting Started

For those of you who want to KEEP the sparklers away from the kids, why not have them make their own fun sparkler?

Pipe cleaner sparkler materials

Step 1 – Twist and Insert Pipe Cleaners Into Straw

We used around 7 pipe cleaners for the “sparkler” and two to wrap around the middle. We twisted the end and gently pushed into the paper straw.

Pipe cleaner sparkler step 1

Step 2 – Secure and Bend Pipe Cleaners

To SECURE our sparkler, we added a little washi tape to secure. Then, we twisted the pipe cleaners for our sparkler (you can leave them straight if you like that look better).

Pipe cleaner sparkler step 2

Finished Pipe Cleaner Sparklers

Pipe cleaner sparklers

Cardboard Tube Rockets

Cardboard tube rockets


  • Cardboard tube
  • Patriotic scrapbook paper
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Scissors
  • Patriotic washi tape
  • Red or blue striped paper straw
  • Pencil
  • Medium circle shape (to trace)
  • Red glittered ribbon strands

Getting Started

Rockets are a MUST have for July 4th, so I thought we should add one to our July 4th craft party!

PLUS, who doesn’t have a ton a cardboard tubes laying around? It’s a craft must-have in our house.

Toilet paper roll rocket materials

Step 1 – Create and Decorate Rocket Tube

We used a paper towel roll and 2 toilet paper rolls. I CUT the scrapbook paper into the size we needed for our rockets.

Then, we used some washi tape to keep IN PLACE.  For different size rockets, I cut the scrapbook paper a little LARGER.

Toilet paper roll rocket step 1

Step 2 – Create Top of Rocket and Attach Your Tube

For the TOP of our rocket, we traced out large circles using one of my kids’ plastic cups. Next, I cut a SLIT down the middle and added washi tape to secure.

Then, I added a little hot glue to the TOP of our toilet paper roll and gently placed the top of our rocket on the tube.

Toilet paper roll rocket step 2

Step 3 – Add Your Ribbon and Straw

We used some shimmering ribbon and glued into place for the rocket’s flames. Then, we used some washi tape for HOLDING our rocket.

Now the kids are ready for BLAST off!!

Toilet paper roll rocket step 3

Finished Cardboard Tube Rocket

Cardboard tube rockets

Cereal Box Uncle Sam Hat

Cereal box Uncle Sam hat party favor


  • Empty cereal box
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Blue decorative ribbon
  • Hot glue and gun
  • 1 Sheet of red striped scrapbook paper
  • 1 Sheet of blue scrapbook paper
  • 1 Sheet of red scrapbook paper
  • Assorted white foam star stickers

Getting Started

I love making “goodie bags” using empty cereal boxes for the kids to take home. What’s the PERFECT thing to make using a cereal box? It’s Uncle Sam’s hat!!

Cereal box Uncle Sam hat party favor materials

Step 1 – Cut Hat Pieces and Create Hat’s Crown

We traced out a bowl for the rim of the hat and CUT it out.

For the top part of our hat, we folded over the other side and hot glued into place (this part the parents will need to do).

Cereal box Uncle Sam hat party favor step 1

Step 2 – Add Stars and Stripes to Hat

I found this GREAT striped scrapbook paper and knew just what I wanted to do with it. We wrapped it around the cereal box and glued into place.

Then, we cut a strip of blue cardstock and glued at the bottom. To finish off, we added some DECORATIVE white glittery star stickers.

Cereal box Uncle Sam hat party favor step 2

Step 3 – Add Rim to Your Hat

We traced out our hat rim again on red cardstock and glued into place.

Now it’s time to put the hat together!! I added a little hot glue to the BOTTOM and firmly pressed onto the rim!

Cereal box Uncle Sam hat party favor step 3

Step 4 – Add Decorative Handle to Hat

Now lets add our HANDLE. We used a hole punch for both sides and added our decorative ribbon for the handle.

Cereal box Uncle Sam hat party favor step 4

Finished Cereal Box Uncle Sam Hat

Cereal box Uncle Sam hat party favor

I hope you have a wonderful July 4th and are able to create some PATRIOTIC memories with your children. These fun crafts will give your kids some FESTIVE and cute keepsakes.

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