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4 Ways to Organize with Cereal Boxes

Family organization is an on going process. Finding what works for you and your family can take time and sometimes money. Here are 4 great organization ideas that you can create using items you already have at home!

1. School Work Organizer

You’ll need a cereal box, scissors, paper (roll paper works best), adhesive and crayons/markers.

1) Start with an empty cereal box.

kix cereal box

2) Cut off the top tabs.

step two cut off cereal box top tabs

3) Using a ruler (0r another box) mark a diagonal line across the top half of the box.

cut diagonal line to cut kix cereal box

4) Cut along the line as well as the side and back.

kix cereal box organization file

This is the base for your file.

cereal box file template

Wrap the paper around the box and adhere using adhesive of your choice. A spray adhesive or mod podge would work well because of the coverage but a hot glue gun or other type of glue would work as well.

cover cereal box with paper

Allow your kids to decorate and label their own boxes.

kids decorate cereal box file

Fill with school work or whatever papers need organizing!

finished kix cereal box organization

kid personalized cereal box file

2. Family Mail/Document Sorter

For this project you’ll need cereal boxes of the same size (1 for each family member), wrapping paper, tape, adhesive, letter stickers.

Start with cereal boxes all the same size.

cereal box mail sorters

Cut off all the top tabs.

cut tabs for mail organization

Glue all the boxes together. Hot glue is a good strong adhesive for this project.

use hot glue gun to glue cereal boxes together

stack cereal boxes on top of each other for mail sorting

Next, wrap the boxes in wrapping paper. Line the edge up with the open edge of the boxes.

use wrapping paper to decorate cereal boxes

Wrap each open edge with duct or packing tape. Since papers will be sliding in and out, the edges will get worn quickly – the tape will keep this from happening!

protect cereal box edges with duct tape

finished cereal box mail organizer

Add a letter or label to each slot

personalize cereal box mail sorter

Fill each slot with mail, work etc.

sort mail as needed

3. Drawer Organizer

We all know drawers can get messy very quickly. Using cereal boxes you can create a completely custom set of drawer organizers! You’ll need empty cereal boxes, wrapping paper, adhesive and scissors.

Start with an empty drawer.

cereal box drawer organizer

Place a cereal box in the drawer and mark where the top of the drawer hits on the box.

measure height of the cereal box by placing in drawer

Cut the box all the way around on the line.

cut cereal boxes

Repeat for as many boxes as you need to fill your drawer.

cut enough cereal boxes to cover drawer

Now you can cover each box with wrapping paper. Cut strips to fit just inside the box, carefully creasing without ripping the paper.

decorate boxes with wrapping paper

cover outside of box with wrapping paper

Using Mod Podge as an adhesive as well as a thin layer on top should make your organizers last quite a while.

finish wrapping all boxes as desired

Repeat for all organizers.

decorated cereal box organizers

finished cereal box organizers

Fill with all the things that usually get lost and mixed up in a drawer.

help to organize junk drawer with cereal box organizers

A perfect storage solution!

4. School Supply Organizer

Ease some of the frustration of homework time by making a portable organizer that holds all the things your kids are usually searching for.

You’ll need a couple of cereal boxes, duct tape and scissors.

Start with the bottom of a cereal box.

cut cereal box in half

If you’re organizing lots of small items or will be grabbing or putting things away often, cut a slant in the box.

cut a slant in boxes for storing smaller items

Using the side as a template cut out a few inserts from the piece of the box you cut off.

cut inserts into cereal box

These will act as dividers so use as many as you need.

use slats as dividers

Attach the dividers with duct tape.

use duct tape to attach dividers

Cut another box the same height.

cut another cereal box for backing

Connect the two pieces with duct tape.

connect with duct tape


Wrap the entire organizer with the tape. When you come to corners snip the tape so it can lay flat




Add labels and fill!

finished school supply cereal box organizer


Allison Waken is a kids’ activity and craft guru always ready to try something new. See more on her blog, All for the Boys, where she features activities and crafts that inspire creativity, play and interaction.