Kix Cereal

5 Snack Hacks

Are your kids bored with the same-old snacks? We’re here to help. From fun and inventive ways of traveling with snack foods, to new flavors and seasonings, here are 5 ideas that may help get your kids even more excited—and more creative—around snack time.


1) Car Snacks. When in doubt, make it salty and sweet. These car snacks that use Berry Berry KiX and require no cooking. Check out the full recipe here.


2) Taco seasoning + carrots = a whole new vegetable!  Have you tried adding familiar seasonings to new vegetables? Add something like a little taco seasoning to a vegetable your kid is still not sure about. You can slowly wean them off, and soon they will be enjoying vegetables.


3) Use a tackle box as a snack holder.  If you really want to be inventive when you’re on-the-go, use a tackle box as a snack container.


4) Breakfast Bar. Kids love choices. And what’s more fun than a make-it-yourself breakfast, with a plethora of goodies your kids can choose from. Everyone can make their own mix.


5) Experimentation is good!  And last but certainly not least, try new foods! New foods don’t need to be scary—they can be fun!