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5 Ways to Get Your Kid's Imagination Going

Do your kids love using their imaginations, but occasionally need an extra nudge to get themselves thinking and making? Sometimes, giving your kid an idea and then letting their imaginations run free is the best way to get creative play started. Here are 5 ideas to help jumpstart their amazing minds.


1) Keep a journal.  Have them keep a journal, and record what they do on a daily basis. This can be a great help to any young storyteller.


2) Rename your favorite bug.  Do your kids love bugs? It can be fun to pretend you’re in a world where your kids get to make up the names of all the bug life they see around them.


3) Create a terrarium.  Here’s a fun in-home project: create a terrarium home for a toy!


4) Imagine you are a traveler on an unexplored planet. Do your kids like to explore? It’s even more fun when you pretend you’re a traveler on an unknown planet.


5) Watch fireflies blink.  And here’s a fun one for the end of summer: watch fireflies. Have your kids make up what they’re trying to say to one another with their blinking lights.