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Boredom Buster: Animal Paper Plates

When a snowy or rainy day hits, paper plates are the perfect indoor boredom busters to keep the little ones busy. This fun craft only requires a few materials, and your kids’ imaginations will go wild creating their favorite animals friends.

There are so many different crafty animals, but one of our favorites is the lion. Here’s a quick and easy way to make your own king of the jungle.

animal paper plate kids craft

You will need: 

1 paper plate

1 sheet of yellow construction paper

2 googly eyes

1 piece of black pipe cleaner or black marker


White craft glue

lion mane paper plate

Start by painting or coloring inside of the plate brown. When plate is dry, create the lion’s mane by making about 1/4″ cuts all along the outside ring of the plate. Once you’ve made it all the way around, brush your hand through the fringe to help it separate.

decorating lion paper plate craft

To make the face, cut a circle out of the yellow construction paper big enough to cover the inside circle of the plate. Glue the circle onto the middle of the plate using the white craft glue. Next, cut the pipe cleaner in half. Fold one half to make a triangle in the middle and twist. Curl the straight pieces in opposite directions of each other. This will create the nose and mouth. Glue this onto the middle of the yellow circle.  TIP: If you prefer, use a black marker to draw the nose and mouth.

Finally, glue the googly eyes above the nose, let dry and then ROAR!! You’ve made an awesome lion paper plate craft.