Kix Cereal

Kix Cereal Bracelets

I think making your own edible jewelry is a rite of passage for kids. Making edible bracelets out of cereal is not only a better alternative to stringing candy, but pieces of Kix are just the right size to mimic beads.

kix cereal bracelets

A tapestry needle and elastic cord are all you’ll need to string cereal. Tapestry needles have larger eyes and blunter ends, so they are better for kids to handle without sticks. This means you may crush a few pieces than if you used a small, sharp needle, but the jewelry shown here was created with a tapestry needle, and only one piece was lost to crumbles.


kix cereal bracelets from decorated cookie

This craft is better for older kids who have a gentler hand. I have a 6 year old who did a good job with these. Correction… 6 and a half year old.

kix and fruity cheerios cereal bracelets


To make Kix bracelets:

You will need:*

Kix cereal
Other cereal (such as Fruity Cheerios), if desired
Elastic cord
Tapestry needle

*Find the elastic cord in the jewelry section of the craft store and the tapestry needle in the sewing section of the craft store. Make sure to supervise younger kids doing this activity and using these materials.

Thread the needle with elastic cord. To avoid the cereal sliding off the end, you can either tie a knot, or, keep the cord attached to its roll. Gently pierce a piece of Kix cereal and push the needle through the center.

cereal bracelet craft using elastic cord and tapestry needle

Pull the Kix onto the cord and continue until you make a piece long enough to stretch around your hand. For a kid’s bracelet, you will need about 5 to 6 inches of cereal, so the cord should be about 10 to 12 inches to start if you choose to cut it from the roll. When finished stringing the cereal, stretch the cord and tie a double knot close to the ends of the cereal. Snip off the excess cord.

tie ends of elastic cord for kix cereal bracelets

Play around with different cereals, such as making patterns, by alternating Kix cereal with Fruity Cheerios or with Berry Berry Kix.

making patterns using colorful cereal bits

finished kix cereal pieces

Warning: These bracelets aren’t only cute, they’re delicious! Make sure to watch smaller kids if they decide to turn them into a tasty snack.

kix cereal bracelets snacktime
Meaghan Mountford, author of Sugarlicious: 50 Cute and Clever Treats for Every Occasion, has been creating crafty sweets for 15 years. She is especially fond of decorating cookies, marshmallows and putting sweets on sticks. See more on her blog, the decorated cookie.