Kix Cereal

Corny Maple Pancake Pops

Pancake pops are a yummy, complete breakfast that kids (and grown-ups) can hold in their hand. Crushed Kix adds just the right flavor and texture, and maple syrup adds just the right sweetness. The lollipop sticks are optional, but not in my world. Sticks make food way more fun, so when in doubt, add a stick.


You can play with the recipe however you like. Add more or less crushed Kix or syrup to suit your tastes, or, use your own favorite pancake recipe as a base. Find the lollipop sticks in the baking aisle of the craft store.


To make corny maple pancake pops:

You will need:

Kix cereal
Zip-top bag
Mallet, hammer or rolling pin
1 cup Original Bisquick® mix
1/2 cup milk
1 egg
2 tablespoons maple syrup
1 to 2 tablespoons butter
12 six-inch lollipop sticks


Place a couple handfuls of Kix cereal in a zip-top bag, and use a mallet, hammer or rolling pin to crush the cereal. Be sure to place a towel or cutting board under the bag of cereal to prevent damaging the surface beneath. Crush until most of the cereal is a fine, powdery texture, though you may still have some bigger pieces. You will need 1/2 cup of crushed cereal. Set aside.

Mix the Bisquick, milk and egg according to package directions to prepare your pancake batter. Stir in the crushed Kix and maple syrup. Melt the butter on medium heat in a frying pan or on a griddle. Drop a heaping tablespoon of batter on the griddle or frying pan. Note: a frying pan may only fit two or three pancakes at a time.


Without touching the griddle or frying pan, gently place a lollipop stick on the pancake so the stick’s edge is almost to the top of the pancake. Use the back of a spoon to spread pancake batter over the stick, or add another small dollop of batter to cover the stick. When the pancakes have nicely browned on the underside, flip with a spatula. (Tip: To flip the pancake pop, come at the pancake at the top with the spatula. If need be, place a knife at the stick’s tip to hold in place to slide the spatula underneath the pancake.) Brown the other side and move the pancake to a baking tray or wire rack until cool enough to pick up. Makes 10 to 12 pancake pops.




Meaghan Mountford, author of Sugarlicious: 50 Cute and Clever Treats for Every Occasion, has been creating crafty sweets for 15 years. She is especially fond of decorating cookies, marshmallows and putting sweets on sticks. See more on her blog, the decorated cookie.