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DIY Cereal Box Paper Football Arena

Paper football is an easy, fun game passed along the generations. Take it a step farther with an arena for your paper football (if you aren’t sure how to make one you can see a tutorial here – make it smaller by cutting the paper in half twice)!

To make, you’ll need:

1 empty cereal box

Construction paper


1 white crayon


Craft knife (parents make sure you use or supervise usage)

Duct tape


Start by having an adult cut the side off using the craft knife.


You can make the sides more sturdy by covering them with duct tape.


Cut a sheet of green construction paper to fit inside the box. Draw yard lines using a white crayon and a ruler.


Place the paper inside the box to make the field.


To make the goal posts, tape the corners of the toothpicks into place and then completely cover the toothpicks with the tape.


Make a small hole in the bottom of the box for the goal posts to stick into. Secure with a piece of tape along the bottom if needed.




Have fun seeing who can make the most goals!

Allison Waken is a kids’ activity and craft guru always ready to try something new. See more on her blog, All for the Boys, where she features activities and crafts that inspire creativity, play and interaction.