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DIY Feliz Navidad Banner

Whether you speak Spanish or just aspire to, celebrating Christmas in a second language makes those of us raising multicultural families giddy with excitement. Banners in Spanish can be hard to find or customize, but making your own with these simple DIY block letters is a great way to spend an afternoon with the kids, working on fine motor and language skills.

feliz navidad craft

To make the Feliz Navidad Banner you will need:


Thick tip marker

Exacto knife

Construction paper of your choosing



Hole puncher

Hemp Thread/Rope


feliz navidad banner letters

This project is great for a variety of ages, but adults should supervise. Use caution when working with an Exacto knife.

To start, using a marker, create a 3 inch block form of each letter on your cardboard. While templates can be used, get creative with the design of your letters by using a free form of your own. Carefully cut out each letter using the Exacto knife.

feliz navidad letter wrapping

With each letter facing backward on the construction paper of your choosing, trace a large border around it. Cut out the form using scissors. To avoid folding and creasing the paper, use the Exacto knife for inner parts of letters A and D, for example.

Wrap each letter like you would a present, making cuts in the paper as needed to ensure a clean seam. Tape the paper to the cardboard letter.

feliz navidad hole punch

Use your strength to punch two holes on top of each letter to allow them to hang evenly. You might be tempted to punch only one hole on the I or L, but two holes will ensure that each of your letters stays facing forward.

Weave your chosen rope through each letter. Hang above an advent calendar or Christmas countdown and enjoying celebrating the holidays in Spanish!

feliz navidad craft

Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad!

Vanessa is a Latina mom raising bicultural and biracial children. She aspires to live a bilingual life and documents her family’s legacy and positive parenting values through crafts, food culture and love letters at De Su Mama. [link to: ]