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Boredom Buster: Easy Sewing Craft

The art of sewing is a great activity to develop fine motor skills at any age. Younger kids can get in on the action by using a plastic, kid-safe needle and proper grownup supervision. If you’re looking for a place to start, paper plates provide a great first canvas that can also become a neat art display to show off. Ready to learn? Here… We… Sew!

paper plate sewing kid craft

To sew with a paper plate you will need:

1 paper plate

3 or 4 different colors of yarn

1 plastic yarn needle


use pencil for making holes for paper plate sewing

There are many different ways you can practice sewing with a paper plate. If you’re child is a beginner, start with having them understand the basic rhythm. First, punch random holes using a sharp pencil tip into a paper plate.

threading kid safe plastic needle

Next, cut a long, single piece of yarn in one of the colors. Wrap a small piece of tape around one end of the yarn. This will help in threading through the eye of the needle. Tie a knot at the opposite end of the yarn. Now show your child how to thread the taped end through they eye.

needle and thread sewing

Once they’ve mastered this, show them how to push the needle through the holes in the paper plate. Change the yarn colors to create a colorful patterns as they continue to sew.

If you want to make it even more challenging create letters, words or shapes for them to follow. You never know, you just might have a future fashion or furniture designer!

If you’re looking for more boredom buster paper plate ideas, check out our how to video: